Kid Gets 1 Million Robux

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Having a lot of Robux is a dream of every Roblox players. By having a lot of Robux, you are able to buy anything in Roblox such as buying shirts, t-shirt, pants, accessories, buying game passes, buying game access, uploading an audio, and many others.

If we have a lot of Robux, we are able to buy a lot of items in the Roblox catalog which means that we are able to customize our avatar to be an awesome avatar. You are able to buy hat, hair, and other cool stuff to make your avatar look like you want. Well, talk about Robux, a lot of people try to get Robux especially for free. Some of them even want to use program like Robux Generator, doing surveys, watching videos, and downloading apps for getting free Robux.

In Youtube, there is a video entitled “Kids Gets 1 Million Robux… (Roblox)” which was uploaded by NicsterV on April 27th, 2018 and it has been watched for more than 891K times. In the video, you are able to see that it starts with his introduction about an app named Monster Legends which is a free to play game. After introducing it, then he goes to talk about someone who hacks 1 million Robux on his account.

In the video, you are able to see that the kid creates a new account on Roblox and his name is RobuxerFree3321213 and he has 0 Robux. The kid says that it is not a free Robux game but it is legitimate and he found it from his friend. You can see in the video that the kid goes to Roblox catalog and chooses Dominus Aureus. As we can see that the price of the item is R$ 640,000. It is very expensive. Then this video is paused by NicsterV and he said that the kid does not have Robux but he wants to buy this expensive thing. He wonders how this kid can buy this expensive stuff with 0 Robux. Some people messages him and says that the kid actually has Robux. But, NicksterV does not know what is going on and let us see in his video what happen next.

Then, the kid says that he just glitch it by clicking the Buy button for several times. So, in the video we are able to see that the kid hit the Buy button and Cancel button for several times. He says that he does it for about 5 minutes. After he clicks them several times, it gets slowing down which means that it is good. Then, he goes to the Roblox page and then goes to the home profile. There, he just click on Inspect Elements and he changes the value. Then, he tries to buy the Dominus and then suddenly the video of this kid off.

NicsterV says that the kid just fools us with his video. Even NicksterV checks on the kid and there is no Dominus item in his inventory. So, for you who want to get Robux it is better for you to get it legally as Roblox suggest to you.

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