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On Roblox, there are Kohls Admin house commands. It has been around for years. Roblox Kohls Admin house commands begin start as a script that created by Kohltastrophe. He is a user who very popular as a master scripter. This Kohls Admin house commands is very important to learn by you if you want to control the game of Roblox and want to manage your place from inside a server easily.

Besides that, Roblox Kohls Admin allows you to change the time of day, play music and even connect the players to different games. In this time, Kohls Admin house commands are made by Script and are updated regularly. Then, it allows the place owners to do a lot more with their games than they could do before.

By the way, do you know how to use Roblox Kohls Admin House commands? Actually, it is very simple way. You just need to copy its code and paste it into your Roblox account. Well, in this article we are going to share list of Roblox Kohls Admin House commands. Let us see its list in the text below.

A. Simple Command

1. Clean – a command that anyone can use to remove hats or tools.
2. :Is print (“Hello World”) – Let’s you script in local scripts.
3. :s print (“Hello World”) – Lets you script normally.
4. :clear – Will remove all scripts or localscripts and jails.
5. :kill kohl – Kills the player.
6. :Respawn kohl – Respawns the player.
7. :m Hello People – a command will let you shout a message to everyone on the server.
8. :trip kohl – Trips the player.
9. :unstun kohl – Unstuns the player.
10. :stun kohl – Stuns the player.
11. :invisible kohl – Makes the player invisible.
12. :jump kohl – Makes the player jump.
13. :sit kohl – Makes the player sit.
14. :visible kohl – Makes the player visible.
15. :explode kohl – Makes the player explode.
16. :smoke kohl – Adds smoke to the player.
17. :sparkles kohl – Adds sparkles to the player.
18. :unsmoke kohl – Removes smoke from the player
19. :fire kohl – Sets the player on fire.
20. :unfire kohl – Removes fire from the player.

B. Super Admin Commands

1. :serverunlock – Unlocks the server.
2. :serverlock – Locks the server.
3. :admin kohl – Admins a player.
4. :ban kohl – Bans a player.
5. :crash kohl – Crashes a player.
6. :sm Hello World – Creates a system message.
7. :unadmin kohl – Unadmins a player.
8. :unban kohl – Unbans a player.
9. :shutdown – Shutsdown the server.
10. : lock kohl – Locks the player.

C. Owner Commands

1. nuke kohl – a command will creates a nuke on kohl.
2. unpa kohl – a command will removes a super admin.
3. pa kohl – make anyone a super admin.

D. True Owner Commands

1. settings – Shows settings for the commands.
2. unoa kohl – Removes an owner.
3. oa kohl – Makes someone an owner.

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