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We all know that the users of Roblox have ability to listen to music or song once they are playing the Roblox game. To make them can listen to music, they have to enter the Roblox ID into a game which they want to play. So, it is very important for all Roblox players in knowing the Roblox IDs.

In this case, the Roblox players do not worry about that because there are some ways to find the Roblox IDs. They can find the Roblox IDs by searching on their browser and visit some websites which provide the list of Roblox IDs. Or the Roblox players can also look for the Roblox IDs by going to the official website of Roblox directly. Of course, there are lots of Roblox IDs which can be used in Roblox. One of them is Living in a Nightmare Roblox ID. We get information that recently there are some Roblox players who look for the Roblox ID for “Living in a Nightmare”.

Based on the research, the song of “Living in a Nightmare” is one of popular songs by Black Light District. Because there are many people who look for Living in a Nightmare Roblox ID, well in this article we are going to inform you about the Roblox ID for “Living in a Nightmare”. You must know that Living in a Nightmare Roblox ID is 1759111654. In this time, you can listen to the song of Living in a Nightmare by Black Light District while you are playing the game on Roblox freely.

Actually, you can implemented the song files easily in the places by using Roblox Music IDs. Even, you can them atmospheric, create a mood and add feelings too. If you want to add Roblox ID to the place as well add effect, you can follow these steps below.

1. Firstly find your favorite song. After you find it, then you can copy its Roblox ID from the lists.

2. After that, please open the Roblox Studio and find any place in Edit Mode.

3. The next step, at basic Objects panel, you have to double-click “Sound“ and ensure that it is happening in the Workspace.

4. Then, you have to click the “Sound” which will take you to visit the Properties.

5. Now, you are at the Roblox ID. In this step, you must enter Roblox ID. (Example: 1759111654).

6. Once you have already clicked on StarterGui, double-click on the “LocalScript“.

7. The next step which you have to do is remove “print Hello world” and then enter this script; game.Workspace.Sound: Play.

8. Finally, you have successfully loaded the Roblox ID of Living in a Nightmare in your game on a certain place. Then, you are able to create a mood and add feelings. For the next time, you can also try to use other songs and sound effects in creating the game more interactive.

9. The last, you can publish the Roblox Game and save it into your game.

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