Look Rich & Awesome on Roblox for Free (0 Robux)

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As a Roblox player, of course you want to make your own Avatar look rich and awesome on Roblox. Usually, you will need to buy some Roblox items in the catalog of Roblox for supporting appearance of your own Avatar. Of course, it will not be a problem if you have lots of Robux.

In other case, there are some Roblox players who do not have Robux enough but they want to make their own Avatar look rich and awesome on Roblox. It means that they want to custom their own Avatar on Roblox for free or with 0 Robux. By the way, is it possible to make an Avatar look rich and awesome on Roblox with 0 Robux? Keep read this entire article to get its answer.

Well, in this article, now we are going to tell you about how to look rich and awesome on Roblox freely with 0 Robux. The first thing that you have to do is creating a new Roblox account. If you are really want to look rich and awesome on Roblox for free (with 0 Robux), so you have to do it in your Roblox account which you can use. After you create a new Roblox account, then you start to make your own avatar look rich and awesome. Firstly, you have to visit the official website of Roblox by using your new account. Afterwards, you need to get everything that is in it. Once you get everything, then you need to remove everything which you use now. In an example, you are able to remove your pal hair, dark green jeans, smile, blue and black motorcycle shirt, man left leg and man head. This is to make you look rich and awesome with only 0 Robux.

The next step that you have to do to make your own Avatar look rich and awesome is go to Avatar customizer. Please, go to hair and select what hair you have to wear for looking rich and awesome. In this step, we recommend you to select brown charmer hair. After that, you have to change your shirt that you wear before. To look rich and awesome on Roblox, you can wear blue and black shirt. Then, you can also wear Pilot Jacket Transparent skin and black jeans with white shoes.

Now, you can change your skin color so that your own Avatar look rich and awesome. Please select a right arm color and a head color that make your Avatar look awesome. Optionally, you can also custom your own Avatar using Roblox boy package. Next, you can change your own Avatar using Chill McCool face. Once you select the face, please right click it and click on save as, so it will save it on your desktop.

If you think that its face cannot make your Avatar look rich and awesome, so we suggest you to do not select that face. Please search for Roblox player. Then, right click it and press on open file location. Click on content, then textures and paste it. Finally, your Avatar look rich and awesome.

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