Maverick Cheats Roblox Exploit Commands

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For those who are looking for the Maverick cheats Roblox exploit commands, here are some of them for you. These following commands were taken from the Youtube channel named Rover656. You can check out the video if you want.

The Maverick cheats Roblox exploit commands divided into some. The first one is the server commands – (p). This one gives player the forcefield. In this category, there are some commands, some of them are kill (p): kills the player, jp (p): sets jump power, ms (p): sets walkspeed, smoke (p): spawns smoke on player, btools (p): gives player building tools, god (p): makes player have unlimited health (may not work on some games), hipheight (p): sets players hip height (untested), box (p): box’s player (untested), fire (p): spawns a fire (untested), sit (p): makes a player sit, rhat (p): remove the players hat (untested), fog (val): sets fog (untested), rfog: removes fog (untested), gravity (val): sets servers gravity (untested), sp (p): sparkles (untested), bigfire (p): spawns a bigfire (untested), char (p) (id): changes character’s appearance (untested), time (val): changes time (untested), noob (p): makes player a noob (untested), fchat (p) red / blue / green (msg): forces player to chat (appears above head), Keemsrar (p): turn someone into Keemstar (untested), Illuminati (p): turn someone into the illuminati (untested), Duck (p): turn someone into Epic Duck, mig (p): turn someone into a Mountain Dew (untested), pussy (p): turn someone into a.. (may not work), heaven (p): send a player to heaven (untested), ghost (p): makes a player semi visible, kick (p) (single word lesson): kick a player with a reason, and statchange (p) (stat (val)): changes a player leaderboard stats (untested).

The second one is the Jailbreak commands (all untested). They include the criminal, the garage, the bank, the jewelry, the prison, the nodoors, and the banklazers.  Criminal can make the players teleport to the criminal base, garage can make the players teleport to the garage, bank can make the players teleport to the bank, jewelry can make the players  teleport to the jewelry store, prison can make the players teleport back to prison, nodoors can remove all doors, and banklazers can remove all bank lazers.

The third one is misc commands. The command that included in this one is driveblox unlimited money (untested). The fourth one is destruction. The commands include unanchorall: unanchors all (untested) and clearws: clears workspace. The last one is ,usic rickroll – never gonna give you up. This one includes ppap for pineapple pen and billnye for bill nye dank science guy (untested).

For the better explanation, you can visit the Youtube channel mentioned above and watch the video. If you have any question, you can leave the message on that Youtube channel. Aside from that, you can also look for the community of Roblox exploit and discuss many things with the members of the community. If you ask them well, hey will surely help you if they can. Do not be shy to interact.

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