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If you are a gamer, of course you need a media which is a chat app that make you able to communicate smoothly and quickly. Therefore there is an app called Discord. In our opinion, Discord is a good chat app for a community. It also has a feature to add bots to our server. In this time, we are going to tell a bot which is commonly used in Discord. It is Mee6.

Mee6 Bot is one of popular Discord bot that you can add to your Discord server. You have to know that Mee6 Bot is a Discord bot that can bring cool features to your Discord server. It bring entertainment and some utility features like YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit Discord alerts. Besides, by using Mee6 bot we are able to create commands that will appear automatically once we write the word we have set. If you do not know about how to create Mee6 bot or register and also enter Mee6 bot into Discord server, so you are able to keep read this article until end. Or you can read another article regarding that in our website.

Well, now we are going to give you a tutorial how to make Mee6 Bot commands in your Discord server with the example we have created in Discord utopian, we create a command to see Utopian rules, and of course it is very useful for us so we do not need to take new page to view the regulations. Please go to and then you are able to click Server. After that, you are able to select what server you want to create commands, in the picture is the server I manage, including Utopian Discord. In this case, if you are a manager or admin, so you are able to put bot into server discord. Next, you have to select the server you want to set Mee6 Bot commands.

On your screen, you are able to see a state say: Let’s make commands. Besides, there you can also see the tutorial rules that you need to consider once you are making commands. Here are tutorial rules.

1. Machine translated tutorials will be rejected.

2. This category is meant only for providing tutorials about an Open Source project.

3. Tutorials can be in any language.

4. If your tutorial also contains a video you should use the Video Tutorials category.

5. You must be the author of the tutorial.

After you log into one of the servers discord in mee6 bot, so you are going to see the page with the commands settings in the top column. Then, you are able to click commands and fill what you want.

Does it work? Of course, it has worked well once we write commands, then mee6 bot automatically will reply with the messages we have written in the settings. Hopefully with this tutorial you are able to create the message automatically, and remember that you do not have to write with repeatedly.

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