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In Youtube, there are some popular youtuber who create content about games. Who is youtuber that you like? Do you know Mexify? If you do not know him, in this chance we are going to introduce you who he is. But, if you have known him, we will make you know more about him. Does he hasve a Discord server? Let’s see.

Mexify is one of Youtubers and he is popular for his Mexify channel and its content. He has gotten massive fame there because of his gaming streams, playthroughs, and montages including for Fortnite Battle Royale and ShellShock Live. When did he launch his Youtube channel? He started to launch his Youtube channel in July 2012.

Mexify was born on December 26th, 1997 and Germany is his birthplace. He was not only born in Germany but also he is raised in Germany until now. Now, he has more than 685k subscribers on Youtube and also has more than 92.6K followers on Instagram. On his Youtube channel there are a lot of videos that he uploaded. Some of them are Das WITZIGSTE SPIEL der WELT!? | Havocado, ZOMBEY vs SUPER ZEUS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, DIE DRACHEN VERBRENNEN ALLES! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, DAS NEUE GANG BEASTS!? | A GUMMY Life – (Funny Moments Detsch), Wie man OHNE WAFFEN in FORTNITE Gewinnt!, Man darf NIEMANDEN trauen! | Secret Neighbor, Die WITZIGSTEN FAILS in FORTNITE! Fortnite Battle Royale – (Funny Moments Deutsch), 1 Mammut vs 10.000 Hobbits! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and many more. Now, there are 103 videos that you are able to enjoy on his Youtube channel named Mexify Games. One of his videos which has the most viewers is MEXIFY ZEIGT SICH! | 500.000 Abonnenten Special with more than 2 million viewers.

So, if you like him and you want to follow him on social media, you are able to Subscribe his Youtube channel named Mexify Games. Then, you are able to follow his Twitter account at @Mexify which is now has more than 15K followers. His Instagram account is @mexify and his Twitch account is mexify. How about Discord server? Does he have it? On his Twitter that he published on January 7, 2018, he announced that he has a Discord server together with @FurdisHihu and the name of the server/ channel is Fyfu’s. Now, it has more than 88K members. If you like him, you are able to follow all of his social media including his Discord channel.

If you have never watched his videos on Youtube, you are also able to try to watch it. On of his characters is that in his avatar he always wears a Dino costume in green color. Even in his Discord channel profile, he wears that green Dino costume and he hold @FurdisHihu’s hand who wears a purple costume. If you also have a dream to be a Youtuber as successful as him, you are also able to learn to him by watching the video that he upload, learn how the way he present his video so that the videos can look very interesting.

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