Never Get Arrested Glitch in Jailbreak

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The arrest is what the police officer does in order to get the bounty of the criminal and get them to the prison. In the Jailbreak world, the arrest can be done to the hostile or any criminal. How to not get arrested in Jailbreak? Here are the tips that you can try.

First, you can try to avoid doing to the bank on the servers that have a lot of police officers. The main reason behind it is because all the police officers get the notification that the bank is being robbed and will most likely enter and try to arrest players or bust the robbery. Second, purchase the vehicles near the robbery locations, such as the Porsche or classic car near the museum or the Bugatti near the Jewelry Store, the Lamborghini and Model3 by the bank, and the pickup or ATV when on the train.

Third, it is better for all the players to avoid attacking several officers at one time as they can easily outnumber the player.Fourth, do not trust the police that offers the free keycards. All of them can just be baiting players for the reason to perform the arrest. Fifth, try to team up or stick with the other criminals. It should be done because they can kill the police officers faster and break the players out if they get arrested (if willing to). Aside from that, you can use vehicles with a lot of seats like the pickup, Model3, SUV, SWAT, helicopter, Monster, or even BlackHawk.

Sixth, do not take the risk with the high chance of being arrested unless that is the only option that you have, such as escaping the bank with the police camping the staircase. Seventh, always have the backup car in case the player gets ejected, and the officers defend or lock the car. Eighth, of the players are at the low health and the police officer is chasing the player, they are recommended to jump around in the circle around the police office in order to break the E prompt and make it harder for them to tase the criminal.

Ninth, if the large number of the police officers try to storm the vault, you have to run straight into the lasers of the bank and die before they make it in the vault. All the criminals will lose all the items but it is better than having the bounty collected by the police and going back to the prison and having to escape again. Tenth, if the players are hing AFK or Away From Keyboard for some time such as entering the code to play audio, it is better for them to do it in the place where the police officers do not see them such as the fire station or the garage. Eleventh, if the player sees the criminal arrested, they are encouraged to check if the police is camping or guarding his or her before they undergo the process of breaking him or her out.

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