New Infinite Rockets Glitch (Roblox Jailbreak)

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In Roblox Jailbreak, the new infinite rocket glitch is the name of the glitch that can be use to get the infinite rockets. Just like the common glitch, this one is also illegal as it is against the Term and Use of Roblox.

The term “glitch” can be defined as the fault in the software that produces the unexpected result. Usually, it is from the errors in scripting. Just like any other Roblox games, Roblox Jailbreak has some glitches. Some of them are harmless, short lived, and sometimes even entertaining. As the opposite, some of them can occur for the long time, break functionality, and even harm the software that are usually known as bugs.

Rockets in Roblox Jailbreak cannot be separated with the Rocket Launcher. The item named Rocket Launcher can be described as the powerful, high damage explosive weapon that can deal up to 76 damage at close range and the moderate amount of damage at mid or long range. The main downside of this one being that players must first purchase the ammunition, unlike all of the other weapons, in that ammunition is free.

How much does Rocket Launcher cost? According to Wiki, this item costs $ 50,000 dollars at the Gun Shops and Military Base, but additional rockets cost $ 10,000 dollars for the pack of 10. The high damage of this launcher and the large radius of it for the explosive damage makes it well rounded, but very costly if used often.

Rocket Launcher has some pros or advantages. Some of them are large hitbox, good at close range, no friendly fire (unlike Grenades and Missiles), highest damage with 1 round in game, and easy to find as it is located inside the Gun Shop. Aside from the pros or the advantages, it also has the cons or the disadvantages. Some of the cons are glitchy, expensive, cannot shoot down serial vehicles or pop fires, can only hold 10 rockets at the time, ammo needs to be purchased at the Gun Shop, and rockets are fairly slow and take awhile to hit the target at the long distances.

Here is the trivia of Rocket Launcher. When the first time its release, this one would do 43 damage at any range. Later, this was changed to do damage according to range, with the maximum being 76 damage. As stated before, this one does not have the friendly fire like the Grenade. It means that the players are not be able to fire at the players on their own team in order to deal damage to them. However, he resulting fires will still damage them. Apparently, the design of this item is based on the AT 4, with the cartoonish edited look, as well as being blue. In order to avoid lag, Bandimo has stated on the Twitter that they had created their own custom explosion. Just like Missiles, this gear leaves the Rocket Fuel trail behind it. As per March 1, 2019, the rocket fired from this item trigger fires.

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