New Unlimited Rocket Fuel Glitch

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Rocket Fuel is known as the featured added in the 2/4/18 update. The term Rocket Fuel can be described as the feature for entertainment, and is used to make vehicles faster, fly off ramps, or escape from the police. All the players are able to get 10 Rocket Fuel each day, but the users with the VIP gamepasses get 100 (roughly half the tank) per day.

While driving, the players can press “Q” or the button with the flame. The main purpose behind it is to activate the Rocket Fuel. There is the vehicle that gives off the purple blue flame or exhaust at the rear and makes the special noise when activated.

Each time the player enters the land vehicle, the bar located on the side of the screen will show how much the fuel they have. They will get 60 Rocket Fuel when they first join the game. All the players are able to purchase the Rocket Fuel with Robux (R$) at either of the gas stations. Apparently, the 50 Rocket Fuel costs R$23, the 100 Rocket Fuel is R$49, and the 250 Rocket Fuel is R$99.

Some players might not be able to afford the Rocket Fuel due to the price of it. That is why some of them looking for the glitch or the hack that can give them the unlimited Rocket Fuel. However, this kind of glitch is risky for your Roblox account. In fact, they will scam you instead of giving you the unlimited Rocket Fuel. In this case, it is better for you to choose the right way to get Rocket Fuel, even if it costs a lot.

Talking about Rocket Fuel, apparently,there are only two locations to refuel and the way to refuel on-the-go. The first one is the gas station 1 and the second one is the gas station 2. The only way to refuel without going to either location is to hit the Rocket Fuel bar or hit Q when the player runs out of fuel. However, that one needs the Mobile Garage gamepass.

All the players are able to avoid wasting Rocket Fuel and save Robux used to purchase the Rocket Fuel. Here are the tips on using the Rocket Fuel correctly and cost effectively. First, it is better for the players to try to only use the Rocket Fuel for getting to destinations faster and escaping the police instead of showing off the wealth on Roblox. Second, it is better for the players to purchase the VIP gamepass because it will give them 100 daily Rocket Fuel, online the player without the gamepass who would get only 10 Rocket Fuel. Third, do note that Rocket Fuel only costs Robux and cannot be obtained via the Jailbreak cash. Fourth, it is better for the players to try not to overuse the rocket Fuel, unless they have Builders Club, have VIP, or they are wealthy. Fifth, it is better for the players to use the unlimited sped boost for the vehicle.

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