Notoriety R&B Bank Stealth

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Do you like playing the game of Notoriety? If so, we are sure that you will be familiar with Notoriety R&B Bank. As we know that R&B bank is an easy heist with decent money and little completion time. Well, let discuss about that here and make sure that you do not miss any information.

Now, we are going to share the walkthroughs of stealth heist. Firstly, you have to get the keycard and then disable the cameras. You must also to kill the guard inside the security room. After that, you have to o hostage or kill the civilians. Then, you are able to start the drill. After the drill has finished, you have to secure the loot and bring it to the van. Remember that the van is located on the roof of the parking garage.

For the walkthroughs of loud heist, first off all, you have to get into a good position to enter the bank. Then, you need to put on your mask, and take out the first few guards. After that, you have to take all the civilians hostage. Then, start up the drill. Afterwards, you have to fend off the cops. When the vault opens, you are able to loot the deposits, bag the money, and drill the safes. Make sure that you take all the loot to the van you spawned. If you have at least four bags, so you are able to escape.

Here are simplified steps of R&B Bank stealth heists. For those who want to know all steps, please read the text below.

  • First, you have to put mask on.
  • Then, you have to get the Keycard. We suggest you to use chameleon, aced (Ghost) because you are able to pick up it instantly without putting on your mask.
  • After that, you can get to security room. Remember that this alerts the guard instantly.
  • Please turn off the cameras by killing the camera guard.
  • You have to hostage everyone. If you are doing it solo, you should kill everyone to saves a lot of time.
  • You have to kill and bag guards or you can hostage them with “Halt” skill.
  • Then, you can go to the vault.
  • Drill and wait for a long time about 5-6 minutes.
  • You can get the loot, you can use the saw to open all the deposit trays and possibly get more bags.
  • Now, you can escape or grab loose cash if you want.

Here are simplified steps of R&B Bank loud heists. Just read the text below to know all steps.

  • First, you need to put mask on.
  • Then, go through front door.
  • Shoot like a mad man without suppressors.
  • After that, you have to kill the guards or convert them by using Joker.
  • Next, you need to go to the vault and drill wait for 5-6 minutes.
  • You can fight off cops.
  • Then, get the loot.
  • Now, you can escape

For your information, there is the badge named Making Bank: Complete the R&B Bank mission. It complete R&B Bank without triggering. As we know that the alarms, cameras, civilians, and the security guards all have the capability to catch you.

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