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On Discord, you are able to find a variety of servers. For example, if you like Fortnite, you are able to find Fortnite server. Then, if you like PUBG, you are also able to find PUBG server. How about Pokemon? Is there any server of Pokemon especially for Pokemon Emoji? Let’s find out!

First, what is emoji? It is ideogram and smiley that are usually used in electronic messages and web pages. Emoji can exist in various genres such as common objects, facial expressions, types of weather, places and also animals. They are also able to be presented by a cartoon face. They are like emoticons but emoji are actual pictures instead of typographics. Do you know where the word Emoji comes? It comes from Japanese “e” which means “picture” and also “moji” which means “character”. This word resembles to the English words emotion and emoticon which is purely coincidental. In 2010, Emoji became popular worldwide after it is added to several mobile operating systems.

Is there any Pokemon Emoji server on Discord? We have searched and we found Pokemon Workshop server. In that server, you can find a small community, fun bots that you can play, free partnerships, selling and trading Pokemon activity, a lot of fun emotes that you can use and many more. But, when we try to join the server, it is said that it is invalid without any reason. You are able to try to join this server. You can also try to look for other Pokemon Emoji servers by asking to other Discord users or you are also able to find it by yourself. Or, it will be better if you start creating it by yourself so that you will invite others to join with Pokemon Emoji servers that you create.

If you want to join to an emoji servers, there are some of them. Those are Big Time Emoji Servers which has 17,983 members, Your Generic Anime Emotes which has 106 members, Tweji 12.0 which has 26 members, Cut The Rope Emotes which has 10 members, Thinking Emotes which has 85 members, Blob Kingdom which has 294 members, Pepe Emoji Server which has 12,280 members, Milk and Mocha Emojis which has 2,095 members, Emoji World 2.0 which has 1,219 members, Mameshiba Emojis which has 397 members, Emoji Server which has 192 members, Squid Girl Emotes which has 1,584 members and many others.

If you want to join Pokemon servers or join with a server which is related to Pokemon, you are also able to find several servers in Discord. Those are Bulbagarden which has 9,884 members, Pokemon: Roleplay Central which has 75 members, Zekrom’s Chamber which has 180 members, Cresselia’ Starfield which has 103 members, Pokemon Dark Crystal RP which has 15 members, Pokemon Island which has 145 members, Fluffy Pokemon which has 890 members, PokeBomb which has 76 members, Pokemon Generations League which has 548 members, Poke-Cafe which has 70 members, The Pokemon Resort which has 152 members, and many others. You are able to join with some of these Pokemon servers. Who knows that you will be able to find Pokemon Emoji in these servers. Good luck!

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