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Cryptids Island is the 16th island on Poptropica. For members, this island was released on December 20th, 2010 and for everyone, it was released on January 18th, 2011. The main theme of this island is cryptozoology. This island is preceded by Great Pumpkin Island and it is succeeded by Wild West Island.

In this island, a eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward to person who can prove the existence of Cryptids which are hidden creatures. The hunt is on for Nessie, Bigfoot and other legendary beasts. However, you need to be careful that you are not the only one in search of these monsters and your competitors will stop at nothing to discover them. Here we have some secrets about what to do to get certain items in this island.

How to Get Reward Flier
It is contains of information about the competition that is going on in this island. It says that people who can get any evidence or proof of the existence of a Cryptid will be iven $1,000,000. You are also able to examine it to get further information. To get Reward Flier is very easy. It will be given to you automatically of your arrive in the Cryptids Island. You just have to walk to the right and there will be a man who tell you about the competition that is going on. You will get the Reward Flier and you can examine it to see the content.

How to Get Sports Drink
To get this, you have to get first the $5 bill which hanging on the tree. After you get it, you have to get back to the main street and proceed to the General Store which is the one building in red. You have to get into it and use the $5 on your backpack. Then, you will be told by the employee that you are only able to buy a Sport Drink so you have to take it.

How to Get Nylon Rope
You will need it to try the KiteSurfer X-250 on Kitty’ Kites Store in Main Street. This rope is very strong so it can hold you to the KiteSurfer X250 that you need on your next task. How to get it? To get Nylon Rope, you have to help the guy in the hot air balloon to make him fly. However, you have to get some kind of scissor or cutter to cut the rope. You can use gardening shears to cut it. So first, you have to get the Gardening Shears and then help the guy. Then, Nylon Rope will be automatically yours.

How to Get Rugged Camera
Rugged Camera is needed to capture pictures of monsters and evidence that you will find along your way because in this island, you will need an evidence of Cryptids existence. How to get it? When you are on helicopter, you have to go straight to the Loch Ness. Then, on your left, find a man that has a truck behind him and then talk to him. Then, you will be told by him that he is stacked in his truck. The thing that you can do is clicking on his tire on the left and long click the air pin of the tire to allow the air come out of the tires to lower it. Then, the driver of the truck will thank you and you will be given his Rugged Camera.

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