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Radiobot Discord is the name of the place where you can play the radio stream in your server. This one was created by Ewan// 9902. By using this one, you will be able to stream any station that you want and choose the station that have been added.

In oredr to play any station, you can just do: /stream and the bot will play it. Aside from that, you can also choose the station such as radio1, BBC Radio 1 kiss, KISS FM UK radiox, Radio X hitsradio, Hits Radio gaydio, Gaydio smoothradio, Smooth FM klfm, KL FM heart, Heart capital, Capital FM clyde1, Clyde 1 clyde2, Clyde2 magic, Magic Radio radioheacham, Radio Heacham jazzfm, and JazzFM. All that you have to do is to just do or start the station name.

Talking about the Radiobot Discord, there are some Discord music bots that you can try, here are some of them. The first one is called Rythm bot. Rythm bot is the name of the Discord music bot that has the ability to provide the good music with high quality. This one serves 1,692,627 servers. This app has autoplay features and also gives lyrics for the better experience.

The second one is Fredboat. Fredboat is known as the free and no-configurate music bot for the Discord server providing high quality music. It supports SoundCloud, BandCamp, Twitch, and Vimeo. This one is developed by someone named Fre-d who is also more known as Frederikam.

The third one is Asada Shino. Asada Shino can be described as the Discord bot that offers the user music search on the platform named Youtube, this one also has different commands for the better music experience while on Discord.

The next one is named Ayana. Ayana is the name of the bot for discord that has multi features aside from the good and high quality music. This one offers different languages and a lot of reaction images for fun purposes on the discord.

The sixth one is Watora. Watora defines as the music Discord bot where users can stream songs for free. Every user Discord is able to create and manage their own playlists that are all integrated with the popular music platform called Spotify. It will automatically play songs in the random sequence.

The seventh one is Amybot. Amybot is the name of the discord bot that has a lot of features. This one is the music bot that will allow you to stream music shutter for free. Aside from that, the bot also has colorful chat levels and has global emotes.

The eighth one is known as Vexera. Vexera is the one music bot for all the servers in the voice over Internet protocol service, Discord. This one has the music playback feature controllable either in channel or through the web panel. In addition, it also has ban, mute, and kick features for he server admins.

The ninth one is Marv. It is the music boat supported by different platforms, including Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Nico Nico, and so on. this one is fast loading bot that can play songs of any length.

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