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RC7 is the name of one of Roblox exploit executers. This one was made by a developer named Jordan. This thing is known as king of all Roblox executers. Right now, it sold at around $25 USD and paid normally or preferably though PayPal. How about the prices? If you are curious about the prices, they can differ. In the game world, people tend to call exploiters as hackers. In fact, hacking and exploiting are different things all together. Basically, exploiter is the term to call the other one, not the hacker.

Do you know what RC7 means? According to the official page of RC7 Exploit on Wiki, RC7 stands for Rectum Cleaning 7. This one is from the user named Bobby Hill. Aside from that, the term is also more known as Roblox Control 7. This one is from user PPAP.

If you want to try RC7 exploit executers, then it is time for you to look for RC7 scripts. Talking about the scripts, Pastebin is the best site that you can visit. It is like a heaven in the scripts world. The very first thing that should be done is to go to the official website of Pastebin. When you are in the front page, move your cursor to the top center of the page, where the search bar is located. Then, you just need to type RC7 scripts that you are looking for, press the Enter button, and you will get to see the result. Fortunately, you do not have to visit Pastebin as you will be informed about RC7 scripts taken from Pastebin.

–Created by OneLegend (NOT THE SCRIPT) LOCAL SCRIPT: Go to line 3 and put your name where it is written “YOUR NAME HERE”

me = game.Players:findFirstChild(“SamirBossi244”)

if me == nil then

me = game.Players.Player


p = Instance.new(“Camera”)

p.Parent = game.Workspace

bin = Instance.new(“HopperBin”)

bin.Parent = me.Backpack

bin.Name = “[ Eyeball ]”


a = me.PlayerGui:findFirstChild(“Admin”)

if a ~= nil then a:Remove() end

a = me.Character:findFirstChild(“Eyeball”)

if a ~= nil then a:Remove() end

script.Parent = bin

mode = “None”

Clicking = false

BaleFireValue = 15

banned = {“”}

admin = {“xXnicholasbryantXx”}

p = Instance.new(“Camera”)

p.Parent = game.Workspace

Sound = “None”

Stare = false

Actually, the RC7 script above is not complete. In this case, you can visit the site if you want to know the complete version. You can use the same steps above to look for RC7 scripts on Pastebin. Aside from the original RC7 scripts, in the same site, you will also be able to find the RC7 admin script. If you want to know about it, here is the RC7 admin script for you:




Jail = game:GetObjects(“http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=256453060”)[1] Jail.Parent = AdminAssets

preloadgui = game:GetObjects(“http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=266344682”)[1] preloadgui.Parent=AdminAssets

BBG = game:GetObjects(“http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=266767343”)[1] BBG.Parent=AdminAssets


song=function(me) pcall(function() remsongs(game) workspace.SoundHolder:Destroy() end) pcall(function() th=Instance.new(“Model”, workspace) th.Name=”SoundHolder” sn=Instance.new(“Sound”, th) sn.Name=”Hentia” sn.Looped=true sn.SoundId=”rbxassetid://”..me sn.Volume=100 sn:Play() end) end

remsongs=function(instance) wait() spawn(function() pcall(function() for i,ass in pairs(instance:GetChildren()) do if ass.className==”Sound” and ass.Name~=”Hentia” then ass.Pitch=0 ass.Volume=0 ass:Destroy() end remsongs(ass) end end) end) end

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