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There are a lot of sites which support online gaming platform. Usually, those kind of sites provides currency of online games, selling toys of online games, provide items, provides codes and many others. One of the sites is Rixty.

Have you heard about it? Rixty is a leading cash-based alternative payment platform which is aimed for online games, virtual items and digital content. Everyone is able to pay without having a credit card and also without having to expose confidential information by converting cash to Rixty value at 140,000 stores in the United States and Brazil and also hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

A lot of website publishers and also online game use Rixty to engage with and also monetize a bigger percentage of users. This site assists publishers to increase sales, allow new business models and attract new customers and Rixty does that by providing cash-based consumers a safe and flexible way to pay online. In Rixty, you are able to buy Robux. So, if you are player of Roblox game, you are able to use Rixty as your place to buy Robux. In the Games & Sites section in the Rixty site, you can find Roblox. Click on that section and then click on Roblox. Then, you will be able to see how to buy Robux with Rixty. You will use Rixty PIN to get Robux. So, how is Rixty PIN used when you buy Robux in Rixty? Follow the instructions below.

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to access website of Roblox at www.roblox.com and then login to your Roblox account.
  • After you login to your Roblox account, choose Robux from the top menu to buy Robux, or you can also click Upgrade Now in the left menu to purchase a Builders Club subscription. Then, choose Rixty as the form of payment.
  • If you have not redeemed your Rixty PIN yet, enter it and then click on Redeem.After that, click on Submit Order and you are done. If you have already redeemed your PIN into Rixty account, you have to click on the “Have a Rixty account?” link and then continue to the next step below.
  • Choose your price point for Robux or Builders Club and then click Buy Now.
  • Now, you need to login to the Rixty account into which you redeemed your Rixty PIN. In this step, you may need to click Logout first. Then, you Rixty account balance will come up.
  • In this stage, you have to login to your Rixty account and then complete the purchase. In case you have to add funds, you can click a payment method and then follow the prompts.

To find locations of store which sells Rixty card, you are able to click on Find Locations menu in the top grey bar of the Rixty site. Then, if you want to know PIN store, you are able to click on PIN Store menu at the top of grey bar as well. Then, there will appear a lot of options such as CrossFire, Trove, Conquer Online, W Coins, Paladins and many others.

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