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Roblox is a currency in Roblox. Even now, it is the main currency in this online gaming platform. So, this currency is very important and we are sure that a lot of Roblox players want to have this as much as they can and it includes you, right?

No wonder why a lot of people want to have this currency in a large amount because if we have a lot of Robux, we are able to do anything on Roblox such as buying items for customizing our avatar to be an awesome avatar, uploading an audio, buying game passes, buying access for certain games, changing our username and many other things.

So, some of you may think of getting 1 million Robux. Is it possible? If it is possible, then is there any codes for getting this large amount of Robux? Some of people have tried anything to get 1 million Robux such as using Robux generator, joining surveys, downloading some apps, watching some videos and more. However, usually these kinds of sites are fake. Roblox generators, websites which offer free Robux usually just want to fool you. Moreover, if you are asked to give your personal information, you need to be careful because it is usually just a scam and it is dangerous. Never ever give your personal information to anyone includes to these kinds of sites.

In a Youtube video of LexLutherSubway entitled “*OMG* I Got 1 Million Robux Using This Secret Code (2017) (Working)” which was uploaded on June 30th, 2017, he tries to show you how to get 1 million Robux using secret codes. We do not know whether it really works or not but if you are curious, you are able to try by yourself.

In the video, you are able to see that he changes the to be in the URL bar. Then, it make him go to a Redeem Promo Codes page of Roblox. Then, he goes to a site which the link is available in the description of this video. Thenn he faces some adverts and he skips them. Then, he goes to a Pastebin where there are promo codes scripts that he will use. He copies all of the script and then he goes to the Redeem Promo Codes page again. After that, he right click somewhere there and then he selects Inspect. He paste the script there. Hit Enter and then close.

Then, he goes to another site and the link can be found in the description of this video. This link brings him to a Pastebin again and he copies another secret codes. Then, he pastes the codes in the Enter Your Code box in Roblox Redeem Promo Codes page. Then, click on Redeem. He goes to the Catalog and choose Green Sparkle Time Fedora. The Fedora costs R$ 1,000,000. He clicks on Buy button and then the Buy button changes into Edit Avatar which means that he successfully bought it. We do not know this method can really work or not, but if you are very curious, you are able to try it.

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