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Do you ever forget your password account? How do you do to get rid of your forgot password? Yeah, we are sure that many people ever this problem. In other case, there are also many Roblox players who get trouble once they want to login their account. The trouble is because they enter the wrong password. Actually, they feel that they have entered the right password but they still cannot login. We are able to say that their Roblox accounts were hacked. So, what do you do if you get that your Roblox account was hack?

When you feel that your Roblox account was hack by the hacker, so the thing that you have to do is reset your password account. We get information that there are also some people who use Roblox account password finder to get back their password. But, we cannot say that it still works or not.

Here are some ways that you can do to get back a hacked Roblox account.


1. You need to make sure that you are really hacked and do not forget your password account.

2. You can put in a real email on your Roblox account whenever you sign up. It will allow you to reset your password if you need.

3. Please you do not panic if your Roblox account was hack by the hacker. You can still recover your account. The first thing that you have to do is click the “forgotten password” link on the Roblox site.

4. See your email for a message. After you have entered your email that associated with your Roblox account, so you have to see an email from Roblox. Then, you can click on the link to change your password from there.


1. If your Roblox account was hacked but you do not have an email on it, please do not panic because you can still get back your Roblox account. In this case, you are able to create an email address and contact

2. If you get back your Roblox account, you have to verify your email on it. Trust us that it will not ever lose access to your Roblox account again.


1. To get back a hacked Roblox account, you can also recover your Roblox account without email. Firstly, you need to find out the hacker’s email address. In this case, if your email has been changed by the hacker, so you have to log into your email associated with your Roblox account immediately. Then, you are going to be sent an email that your email has been changed. After that, the email which they send to you it is also will show the hacker’s email. It means that you have the chance to report it.

2. Contact the company is also the great way to get back your account. For this case, if the hacker verifies it on his email and you are locked out completely, so please contact They are going to ask that for ownership of the account. Then, you can either give them a used Roblox card or a credit card you used to purchase Robux or Builders Club on your Roblox account. When you have given them state that you are the owner of that Roblox account, then your email will be reverted back.

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