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There are a lot of popular games in Roblox which can be a recommendation to play. Some of them are Jailbreak, Welcome to Bloxburg, MeepCity, Assassin!, Phantom Forces, Murder Mystery 2, and Work at a Pizza Place. Usually, those popular games has been visited more than 100 million visits. Among those popular games, which one is your favorite? Each of games will have a challenge or goal that you have to fulfill. If you like playing Assassin, you surely know that in the game you have to own the knife. Well, in this chance, we are going to talk about it.

Assassin! is a game which is created by prisman on March 9, 2016 and it was last updated on July 21, 2018. This game was categorized into fighting genre and now it has been visited more than 378 million times. This game can be played by 8 maximum players per server. Until now, this game is favorited by more than 1 million people and has more than 560K likes. In Assassin game, you need to collect dozens of knives, hunt your target, be the last standing and get your reputation as the ultimate assassin. So, how many knives which you have collected? And, what kind of knives? Well, in the list below, we are going to give you the list of all knife skins variants.

  • Common Variants : Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, Pebble, Rusted, Medic, Brick, Plank, Plated, Frost, Smooth.
  • Rare Variants : Tiger, Money, Cow, Pop, Diamond, Swirls, Colors, MLG, Hippy, Reptile, Sunrise, Crimson.
  • Legendary Variants : King Of Hearts, Digital, Galaxy, Kraken, Bubblegum, Toon, Tropical, Waves, Corrupted, Camo, Molten.
  • Exotic Variants : Flame Mace, Electron, Dragon Breath, Dark Scythe, Overseer.
  • Special – Exotic Variants ( these weapons can be gained from special limited time cases / events) : Water, Fire, Earth, Air.

What are the difference of those types of knives? Common variants are easiest to get, rare variants are a bit harder than common, legendary variants are harder than rare, and exotic variants are pretty rare. If you want to update the information about this game such as news, updates and mainly about the codes, you can follow the creator on Twitter @prismangames. There are also Assassin Community where you can share and get some information with the other Assassin players. This community is owned by prisman and the members are now 129888.

In Assassin game, you will achieve game badges if you are successful in certain challenge. Those badges are Trader, Level 5, Level 10, Level 25, Level 40, Prestige 3, Prestige 5, Prestige 10, Competitive Top 10, Competitive Top 100, Monster Hunter, and Zombie Crafter. Then, how about game passes? Is there are games passes for this game? There are only two passes for this game including Radio which you can buy for R$ 350 and VIP which you can buy for R$ 399. So, hope you enjoy playing Assassin games and you can get all the knives.

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