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The term Roblox aimbot can be used to call the hack that enables the player ti shoot in any direction, but still hit the chosen target (usually on the head of the upper torso). Normally, the enemy has to be in the sight of the hacker for this to be effective unless the hacker is using the superbullet.

Roblox aimbot is considered as one of the hardest hacks to confirm (aside from Infinite stamina, Chams and Crosshair) since there is no objective visual evidence and because aimbotting is the most common hacking accusation. Please keep in mind that the biewer has to be in the right place to see that the aimbot is in use.

There are some common features of Roblox aimbot. One of them is called Roblox aimkey or hotkey or sautohotkey aimbot. Apparently, you can choose the hotkey to use the hack. As long as the key is pressed and the aimbot is on, this one will lock onto the chosen player. Aside from that features, some other features of Roblox aimbot are the visibility check, the field of view, the auto shoot, the off after kill, the auto switch, the aim prediction, and the aim bone.

Here is the example of the Roblox Autohotkey aimbot:

#KeyHistory, 0
#HotKeyInterval 1
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 127
version = badeverything v0.02

k:: Hotkey, *~$LButton, Toggle


SetKeyDelay,-1, 1
SetControlDelay, -1
SetMouseDelay, -1
SendMode, InputThenPlay
ListLines, Off
CoordMode, Pixel, Screen, RGB
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
PID := DllCall(“GetCurrentProcessId”)
Process, Priority, %PID%, High

EMCol := 0xD82A22
ColVn := 64
AntiShakeX := (A_ScreenHeight // 160)
AntiShakeY := (A_ScreenHeight // 128)
ZeroX := (A_ScreenWidth // 2)
ZeroY := (A_ScreenHeight // 2)
CFovX := (A_ScreenWidth // 8)
CFovY := (A_ScreenHeight // 64)
ScanL := ZeroX – CFovX
ScanT := ZeroY
ScanR := ZeroX + CFovX
ScanB := ZeroY + CFovY
NearAimScanL := ZeroX – AntiShakeX
NearAimScanT := ZeroY – AntiShakeY
NearAimScanR := ZeroX + AntiShakeX
NearAimScanB := ZeroY + AntiShakeY

Loop, {
KeyWait, LButton, D
Pixel Search, Aim PixelX, Aim PixelY, NearAimScanL, NearAimScanT, NearAimScanR, NearAimScanB, EMCol, ColVn, Fast RGB
if (!ErrorLevel=0) {
loop, 10 {
Pixel Search, Aim PixelX, AimPixelY, ScanL, ScanT, ScanR, ScanB, EMCol, ColVn, Fast RGB
AimX := AimPixelX – ZeroX
AimY := AimPixelY – ZeroY
DirX := -1
DirY := -1
If ( AimX > 0 ) {
DirX := 1
If ( AimY > 0 ) {
DirY := 1
AimOffsetX := AimX * DirX
AimOffsetY := AimY * DirY
MoveX := Floor(( AimOffsetX ** ( 1 / 2 ))) * DirX
MoveY := Floor(( AimOffsetY ** ( 1 / 2 ))) * DirY
Dll Call(“mouse_event”, uint, 1, int, MoveX * 1.5, int, MoveY, uint, 0, int, 0)

Pause:: u
goto, init


That Roblox Autohotkey aimbot was taken from the official website of Autohotkey. Please take a note that this one works by locking onto anything red. For more information about it, it is better for you to open the official website of it.

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