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Beach House Roleplay is a roleplay game that was created by DizzyPurple on July 2010. Currently, it has place visits around 39,470,000. It is categorized to all genres. The Role-playing game Has Stuff like Hotels, Ice Cream and more.

You have to know that the game of Beach House Roleplay has lot of exploiters. They were doing stuff like changing the skybox, destroying the base, and spamming 666. Early 2017, the game got suspended and on July 2017, the game got suspended for not being Filtering Enabled.

The Beach House Roleplay is a great way to meet new friends and have fun. Now, in this article, we are going to share some steps that you can do to have fun in the game of Beach House Roleplay. Let us see and read the text below if you want to know its information.

Step 1: Get your home set up.
In this step, you have to go inside of the biggest building between an apartment on one of the floors by walking into it. You are able to change the color of your apartment. It is better to get an apartment closer to the middle elevator rather than farther way for traveling easier. If you want to lock your apartment, so you are able to use the red and blue buttons next to your door. Aside from that, you are able also to sell your apartment by pressing the button intended to do so outside of your apartment.

Step 2: Get some threads.
On the game, you are going to find a menu on the left side of you screen. It is useful to change the clothes without having to reset. Then, on the top right corner of your screen, there are shop and closet buttons. Please, load the closet first and then buy whatever you like with gems. You are able to buy any things from the catalog with Robux if you want to look original. For your information, there is a face changer and some places where you are able to get free hair and hats on one side of the island.

Step 3: Use your clothing and set up some outfits in your slots.
The load and save outfit menu on the side of your screen is useful for quick changes, but you do not have to use it. If you are using your own outfits from your Roblox inventory, so you need to arrange the outfit you want for that slot in the character menu. Then, you have to reset to put it on. Next, save it to the slot. Every time you reset, please load the slots again and save your outfit to the loaded ones. A good way to use your slots is to use the first two slots for casual clothing once you are running around.

Well ,the text above is some steps that you can do to have fun in the game of Roblox Beach House Roleplay. Actually, there are still some steps that you can do to have fun in the game. It is by getting a pet and visiting the club at night whenever you like.

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