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Actually, there are lots of Rymes rap that you are able to use in Roblox game. When you search from your browser, then you are going to find some best Rymes Rap. Well, in this article we are going to share you one of best Rymes Rap. For the best Roblox Rhymes rap, you are able to see in the text below.


I am Roblox bitch, so just die. My main objective is for you to cry.

I do not want lie, but seriously, it is time for you to cry.

You are a rip, even Notch Sais it. So shut your mouth.

I don’t care if you say that I am a rip of Lego. Do not forget that you lag anytime. Here are my Rhymes.

Mine craft:

I am not just a game. I am an awarded winning work. Just taste my delicious pork. You are going to be so surprised, when you download me. You do not need internet connection to play me. The best game ever second to no other here. You just got pawned, just leave this battle.


I listened enough! It is my turn! Do you think you are alone? Good luck! Terraria want kick your butts! Watch me beat this Eye of Cthulchu. I want throw this demon, in the lava that called Voodoo. I am winning against you! Continue rapping like poo! Who is the better game? Not you! It is me! Ok, I am in a winning stree and you better flee.

On Youtube, you can also find one of the best Rymes Raps. To know its Rhymes Rap, you are able to watch a video entitled “Roblox Rap Battle Raps’ by Ghostshoris. It was published on April 11, 2017. Currenlty, it has 42, 709 viewers. On that video, you can see one of the best Roblox Rhymes Rap and then you can use it when you are playing the game of Roblox. If you see at the comment of video, there are many people who like that video and they said that it is a true. So, if you are curios with that, now you can watch that video.

Talk about the Roblox Rymes Rap, we are going to inform you that there is play named ‘The Rap Book (Learn Rhymes and Raps)’. That game is created by C_Citya. On the game, you are able to learn how to rap. Then, you can also use and Rhymes it. If you see on the description of the game, it was created on March 3, 2016. And it was updated on May 28, 2018. That game has all genres and it is able to be played by maximum 10 players. Currently, it has 654 visitors. Unfortunately that game may not function as intended for now. It needs to update the game by Developer. So, if you want to play that game, you have to play it next time after the game is update by the Developer.

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