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What is your favorite games in Roblox? There are a lot of games in Roblox which is liked by people because the game is fun and awesome. The game is not for fun but also it can challenge people so that they like to come again and again to this platform.

Bloxburg is one of Roblox games which is fun to play and it is also challenging. The game which was created by Coeptus is a game which have life simulation concept. It means that in this game, players are allowed to have the things as you want in your life such as job, awesome vehicles and house, hanging out with friends, having a cafe or restaurant, and also explore the city of Bloxburg. Because of this concept, this game is one of popular games in Roblox now with more than 839 million times visits, more than 4 million favorites and more than 1 million likes.

If you are one of Bloxburg players and now you are creating house, what kind of house are you creating? Is it a luxury house or a simple house? Whatever house that you are creating now and then you feel stuck with backyard that you want to create, you are able to try to search ideas for your backyard.

To create a nice backyard, you have to think what kind of backyard it is. Is it a bakcyard which has a hut and a pond? Or is it a backyard which has a lot of plants there? If you have no idea about your backyard, you are able to watch some videos on Youtube to get some inspiration. Some of the videos that you are able to watch are Bloxburg: Ideas for your Backyard by Soulimen, [Roblox: Bloxburg] Backyard Ideas Ep 1 by iiBoka, Bloxburg: Backyard Ideas for Bloxburg by iiiSxphie, Welcome to Bloxburg: Backyard Speed Build by amimi amour, Roblox/Bloxburg: Backyard Oasis [Speed Build] by Exquxsite, Bloxburg Roblox Backyard Ideas Part 1 by UniqueL, Roblox Bloxburg Backyard Idea by DoraMakesRamen and many others.

By watching these videos, you will be able to get some ideas for your backyard. You are able to mix the ideas from one video with another. In the video of Soulimen entitled Bloxburg: Ideas for your Backyard, you can see that he builds a hut there and then he adds some chairs and a table in the hut. Then, he adds some pots of plants around the hut to make it more pretty. Then, he adds floor which connects the hut with the house.

After that, he adds another space for fireplace. And around the fireplace, there are some comfortable chairs. You can also use this idea and then mix with your own ideas. When you make a backyard, make sure that you explore the Build Mode and choose the suitable items that you want to use. You can try one by one of the items in the Build Mode and make your Backyard as you want. Happy designing!

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