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Welcome to Bloxburg is a rolepay game which was created by Coeptus. In this game, you will be able to simulate life so that you can do any activities as in your real life. One of the activities that you will do is working.

In the game of Welcome To Bloxburg, work is the main method to earn money. There are several types of jobs that you are able to do such as cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food, cashier at Bloxy Burgers, delivery person, fisherman, hairdresser, janitor, mechanic, miner, pizza baker, seller, stocker and woodcutter.

When you work, you will complete a task and then you will be paid with different amount of money in each job. Upon completing a set number of tasks, you will be promoted and earn money per task. To receive the money, you will cash out a check if you leave your working environment. You may want to know the list of Bloxburg job earning. Here, we serve you the information.



Pay per task


No Excellent Employee

Excellent Employee

Cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food 1 $15 $40
3 $25 $47
4 $27 $56
Cashier at Bloxy Burgers 1 $8 $16
2 $10 $20
3 $12 $24
Delivery Person 1 $15 $44
2 $110 $52
3 $98 $105
Fisherman 1 $22 $44
2 $15 $30
3 $18 $36
Hairdresser 1 $10 $20
2 $16 $32
3 $19 $38
Janitor 1 $11 $22
2 $16 $32
3 $21 $42
Mechanic 1 $13 $28
2 $17 $37
3 $30 $46
Miner 1 $7 $15
2 $11 $17
3 $12 $18
Pizza Baker 1 $9 $13
2 $10 $14
3 $11 $15
Seller 1 $12 $22
2 $15 $27
3 $14 $31
Stocker 1 $15 $21
2 $18 $26
3 $21 $30

When you work, your mood will effect your earning. The higher your mood is, the higher of earning you will get. So, you have to turn into work in a great mood and then proceed to work until your mood starts to stop to a lower level. For your information, there is no limit to the number of jobs that you can have at once. However, it is good for you to try out each job and then choose the one that is right for you. If you suddenly change your mind later and you want to change the job, it will be difficult to get the level that you had in your previous one.

The gamepass of Excellent Employee will increase the amount of cash earned and also it will be rated by which you promotes. If you are able to get to level 50 in any job, you will be granted an Excellence Award relating to that job. All checks that you receive will be signed by Mr. Blox an it is written with handwriting while the rest of the check is not. So, if you are curious about the jobs in this game, you are able to try one by one and then decide which job that you think it is good for you.

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