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As a Roblox player, of course you know that on Roblox there are many colors. We think that you need learn more about Roblox colour chart as well. You have to know that you can control the BrickColors by using the Paint Bucket Gear item or the paint function in Roblox Studio. Then, brickColors is also controlled by the scripts.

Talking about the Roblox colour chart, now we are going to share some list of colors as well Roblox RGB colors here.

1. Color name: White, RGB: 242, 243, 243. (Index: 1, Hex: #F2F3F3).

2. Color name: Grey, RGB: 161, 165, 162. (Index: 2, Hex: #A1A5A2).

3. Color name: Light yellow, RGB: 249, 233, 153. (Index: 3, Hex: #F9E999).

4. Color name: Med. reddish violet, RGB: 196, 112, 160. (Index: 22, Hex: #C470A0).

5. Color name: Bright blue, RGB: 13, 105, 172. (Index: 23, Hex: #0D69AC).

6. Color name: Bright yellow, RGB: 245, 205, 48. (Index: 24, Hex: #F5CD30).

7. Color name: Earth orange, RGB: 98, 71, 50. (Index: 25, Hex: #624732).

8. Color name: Black, RGB: 27, 42, 53. (Index: 26, Hex: #1B2A35).

9. Color name: Dark grey, RGB: 109, 110, 108. (Index: 27, Hex: #6D6E6C).

10. Color name: Dark green, RGB: 40, 127, 71. (Index: 28, Hex: #287F47).

11. Color name: Medium green, RGB: 161, 196, 140. (Index: 29, Hex: #A1C48C).

12. Color name: Lig. Yellowich orange, RGB: 243, 207, 155. (Index: 36, Hex: #F3CF9B).

13. Color name: Bright green, RGB: 75, 151, 75. (Index: 37, Hex: #4B974B).

14. Color name: Brick yellow, RGB: 215, 197, 154. (Index: 5, Hex: #D7C59A).

15. Color name: Light green (Mint), RGB: 194, 218, 184. (Index: 6, Hex: #C2DAB8).

16. Color name: Light reddish violet, RGB: 232, 186, 200. (Index: 9, Hex: #E8BAC8).

17. Color name: Pastel Blue, RGB: 128, 187, 219. (Index: 11, Hex: #80BBDB).

18. Color name: Light orange brown, RGB: 203, 132, 66. (Index: 12, Hex: #CB8442).

19. Color name: Nougat, RGB: 204, 142, 105. (Index: 18, Hex: #CC8E69).

20. Color name: Bright red, RGB: 196, 40, 28. (Index: 21, Hex: #C4281C).

This is some list of Roblox Color Names. Actually, there are still many other color names. In this case, if you want to know more Roblox Color Names, so you are able to go to the page of color on Roblox Wikia. Or you can also search it from other article in our website because we ever discuss about that in the last time.

On Roblox, there are also ambient codes. Maybe for a new user of Roblox, it is a little confuse once they want to find the ambient codes. In fact, it is an easy way for you to find the ambient codes. Even, from the internet, especially from the official website of Roblox you can find the Roblox ambient colors list. Besides ambient codes, on Roblox, there is also a thing named Colorsequence Roblox. It is a sequence of Color3 values which indicating a change in color over time. Go to Roblow wikia to get further information.

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