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Face is an item that can be purchased from the Roblox catalog which replaces the Robloxian’s head decal in lots of different unique styles. You have to know that the face is simply purchasable decal which is used for the aesthetics of Avatar. If you want to purchase a face from the Roblox catalog, so the first step that you have to do is go to “Body Parts”. It located on the left side of the Roblox catalog.

You have to hold your mouse or cursor over the text until more the text appears. Then, you should see “Faces” appear. Afterwards, you have to click that and it is going to bring you to all of the faces on Roblox. There, you are able to purchase any face you want as suits as your style.

Actually, you not only can purchase the face from the Roblox catalog, but you can also create a face. So, how to create a face? Actually, you cannot create your own face on Roblox and put it on the Roblox catalog for everybody to see and take for a payment of Robux. Although you cannot create it, but there is a way to create your own faces. To do it, you have to go into the files of Roblox on your computer. Then, you have to change the default face into whatever face you want by changing the image.

Other way in creating a face, you have to know that there is always the way to create a decal on Roblox. It is by going to develop, then decals. After that, you are able to insert your image, then click create. When you have created your decal, then you can go to the Roblox studio and insert a script. The next step that you have to do is please code the script into making it so whenever you enter the game of Roblox, the script changes your face into the desired face you want.

Talk about creating a face, in this article we want to share how to create a face Changer on Roblox. To do it, let us follow these steps below.

1. At the first step, please log into Roblox and click Develop.

2. Then, you have to click “Edit” on any of your existing places or create one.

3. After you arrive at the Roblox Studio, then you must go to “View” and open “Toolbox Objects,” “Basic Objects,” and “Explorer.”

4. In this step, you can make a face Changer into the Workspace. You can also color any color you like.

5. Afterwards, you have to go to the Toolbox and click Search. You can see a grey rectangle which says “Models”. Please click the arrow and something will pop up. Then, click Decals.

6. Images will appear once you have clicked “Decals”. Now, you can search “Faces” to find something for your Face Changer. Or you can also go to the Roblox Catalog and find the face you like.

7. When you find a decal you like, please put it on your Face Changer.

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