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In Roblox, there is a feature which enables users to create a game. It is fun when you have an imagination and then you make it into a game. Moreover, if a lot of people like your game, it will be more fun. The feature of creating game in Roblox is Roblox Studio. In this feature, you can use Roblox building tools and it will help you to make the places of your dreams. It has comrehensive and intricate set of tools which permits for a greater sense of control and creative expression.

If you often use Roblox Studio, you may be familiar with all the things in it including Cylinder Mesh. What is it? For you who do not know about it, we are going to explain briefly. Cylinder Mesh is a mesh for a cylinder and it is very simple. This mesh is almost similar with its identical object namely BlockMesh and it can be used only for cylinders. Before the CylinderMesh was inserted, the object will still act as it would. For example, if the object was a block shape it would still act as a block but it comes up as a cylinder.

Data Model Mesh
Vector3 Offset It is the distance of which an object moves off of a point.
Vector3 Scale It is same as the Size property, it can edit the dimension of the mesh and the texture as well.
Vector3 VertexColor It is able to change the hue of a texture.
bool Archivable It determines if an object can be cloned or saved to file.
string ClassName It is the unique name of this type of Instance.
string Name It is a non-unique identifier for the object.
Instance Parent It is the hierarchical parent of the object.
Function Instance
void ClearAllChildren It removes all descendants of the object.
variant Clone It will return a copy of the object which includes  descendants.
void Destroy The Parent property to nil is able to be set by this, calls Destroy on all children and locks the Parent, and disconnects all connections.
array GetChildren It can return an array of the object’s children.
string GetFullName It can return a string which permits the object’s ancestry chain.
bool IsA(string className) It is able to return true in case the object is an instance of the given class, or if the class of the object inherits from the  given class.
bool  IsAncestorOfInstance It can return true if the object is an ancestor of the given descendant.

Well, it is just some of the things about Cylinder Mesh. You can read more detail in the website of wikia. If you are new in creating game but you want to make a good game by yourself, then it is better for you to join with some group or forum which talk about that. Do not be shy to ask anything to them especially to the professional creator. In addition, you can also watch a lot of videos about how to make a game in Youtube channel. Okay guys, good luck for you and thank you for reading this.

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