Roblox Dance Commands

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When you are playing a game in Roblox with your friends, you may want to interact with them more than only through the chat. Or maybe you just want your character to act in a certain way to create things feel that little bit more realistic and give them an added dash of personality. For this case, you need to use dance commands.

Recently, there are many Roblox players who are looking for information about Roblox dance commands. We are sure that you also want to know about its information. Actully, you are able to find those Roblox Dance commands by searching from your browser because there are many website that explain about commands of Roblox dance. Even, there are also some video in YouTube which show a list of Roblox Dance commands or emotes.

You have to know that the Roblox Animation System allows a measured amount of fluidity and realism for movements. Then, part of that system called as Emotes which are specific actions your Roblox avatar can perform. If you want to see the default emotes, you have to hit the “/” key to chat and try typing in commands. Here, in the text below, you are able to see some Roblox dance commands:

  •  /e wave
  • /e point
  • /e cheer
  • /e laugh
  • /e dance
  • /e dance2
  • /e dance3

It is very important to remember the “/” at the start of each Roblox dance command. Otherwise, it will not work and it means that you will only enter a message into the chat. Once you have already typed this in, simply you are able to press enter and your Roblox character should do the emote which you have already entered. In this time, you have already got another way to interact and communicate with your friends without having to always only use boring text chat. By the way, do you want to try it? Just try it now and you are going to get different experience to interact and communicate with your friends in the largest online gaming called Roblox.

In this article, we are going also to explain what function of each Roblox dance commands. To know its information, so you are able to read the text below.

  • /e wave: It allow you to waves quickly in R6. It a bit more smoothly with R15.
  • /e point – It command for the character points.
  • /e cheer: It allow you to cheers and jumps.
  • /e laugh: It allow you to laughs, but does not make any laughing noise.
  • /e dance: It is the first dance for R15. Then, it is as a random dance for R6.
  • /e dance2: It allow you to moves from side to side in R6. R15 involves your avatar twisting your arms and looking side to side instead.
  • /e dance3: It allow you to jumps on alternating legs with your arms pointing in R6. R15 is going to involves you swaying side to side while you are moving you arms.

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