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How long have you played games on Roblox? Have you known that in this platform there is a Developer Exchange or we can call it DevEx? So, what is it? Well, Developer Exchange is a program which is owned by Roblox and it enables the game developers of Roblox to cash out their Robux for real-world currency. You surely often hear that Roblox users can earn real money. This is the meaning of that thing. This program was made in an effort to motivate all Robloxians to make amazing games. However, you have to note that if you want to join this program, there are a few requirements which must be met first.

What is the requirements? Here they are.

  • You have to own Outrageous Builders Club.
  • You have to own a verified email address.
  • You have to own a valid PayPal account.
  • Your account has to be in good standing and must abide by the terms of service of Roblox.
  • You will need to serve a valid W-9 (US Residents) or W-8 (Non-US Residents) tax form.

So, do you meet the requirements? If so, you can cash out as soon as possible. Then, if we talk about cash out, you must be curious about the rates for cashing out with Developer Exchange. It is important to know about this because by knowing it we are able to estimate how much money that we can get. Here, we provide you the rates for cashing out with Developer Exchange in Roblox.

  • $350 USD for R$ 100,000
  • $875 USD for R$ 250,000
  • $1,750 USD for R$ 500,000
  • $3,500 USD for R$ 1,000,000
  • $7,000 USD for R$ 2,000,000
  • $14,500 USD for R$ 4,000,000
  • $35,000 USD for R$ 10,000,000
  • $70,000 USD for R$ 20,000,000
  • $140,000 USD for R$ 40,000,000
  • $280,000 USD for R$ 80,000,000
  • $525,000 USD for R$ 150,000,000
  • $1,050,000 USD for R$ 300,000,000

You may also want to know about the statistics about DevEx. Roblox users earned and astounding $46,550 total USD between October 2013 and January 2014. It is $16,500 total amount of cash earned in October, $13,050 total amount of cash earned in November, and $15,150 total amount of cash earned in December. You may be curious whether you are eligible for DevEx before you submit a request. You have to note that the team of Roblox cannot pre-guarantee eligibility because all DevEx requests are reviewed upon submission. They do require that DevEx participants follow the Terms of Service and earn the Robux legitimately. You also have to know that the participants of DevEX can have an approved DevEx request once a calender month.

Then, what can we do if our country is not available on the DevEX request form? If it happens, you are able to choose the United States. Then, if you have submitted the form, you have to send an email t and let them know the country where you live. You have to make sure that you provide your username in the email that you send.

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