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Dominus series is one of series that are limited. Dominus series include Dominus Infernus, Dominus Empyreus, Dominus Messor, Dominus Frigidus, Dominus Aureus, Dominus Vespertilio, Dominus Rex, Dominus Astra, Dominus Pittacium, Dominus Venari, Dominus Praefectus, and Dominus Claves. Can we find Dominus Roblox toy?

If you really like this item and you want to have the toy of it, there are some Roblox characters toy who wears Dominus. First, there is Gusmanak. This character is adorned in gold and equipped with the legendary Dominus Aureus. For your information, Gusmanak is one of the most elite developers in Roblox and he is the winner of the Game Developer of the Year award in 2013. He is the founder of Dualpoint interactive and he is the most recognized by the community for designing Apocalypse Rising and Tiny Tanks. Gusmanak mini figure can be bought in stores that sell Roblox toys. One of them is in Walmart. If you check this figure in Walmart, the price is $34.99. You can also buy this figure in Amazon in a pack. The name of the pack is Roblox Legends of Roblox Six Figure Pack. The price is $19.95.

Second toy is Lord Umberhallow. This character wears a red Dominus but there is a pair of horns on it. The red Dominus may refer to Dominus Infernus. This figure also holds a sword in its right hand. You are able to buy this mini figure on some stores and one of them is Amazon. In Amazon, you are able to see that the price of this figure is $8.79.

Third toy of avatar who wears Dominus that you can buy is Tomarty. This is an avatar of a self-taught computer science enthusiast and he has been making games on Roblox since 2008. More recently, he has been working on Shard Seekers which is an original Roblox RPG featuring all sorts of crazy cool custom animations. This character wears a Dominus Empyreus. This avatar is in collector’s checklist on the website of Roblox Jazwares. But, when we try to search it in some stores, we cannot find it.

Fourth is Vurse. This character is owned by a celebrated developer whose scripting mastery has earned him multiple Bloxy Awards due to his flagship Roblox game, Speed Run 4. He does not only create the choice of community for the hardest Roblox level, but he also won an award as best single player game. Vurse wears a Dominus Frigidus which has blue colour. If you like this character, you are able to buy the toy/ mini figure of this character. You are able to find it at some stores which usually sell Roblox toys. Some of them are Amazon and Collectors. In the Amazon store, you are able to find it but now it seems that it is unavailable. But, you can try to search it next in the Amazon site. But, if you check in, the price of it is $77.99.

Well, besides the stores that we mentioned above, you are also able to find mini figure with Dominus and also other Roblox toys in the other stores such as CVS, Best Buy, Kmart, Nexcom and many more. You can check the store list in the Roblox Jazwares website.

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