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Roblox Dragons Life  4 can refer to the part of the Roblox Dragons Life series by Shyfoox or Shyfoox Studio. This one is is still beta version. What does that mean? Find out the answer of your curiosity by reading the entire article.

Roblox Dragon Life 4 beta is the simple fine tuning of the 90% complete game, or could be another stage for the devs to add another round of the content for the end product itself. There are some things that should be reviewed from Roblox Dragon Life 4 beta version. Some of them are the less bugs and issues, the better balancing, the quicker hotfixes or updates, the more content, and the game changes.

Roblox Dragon Life 4 is aprt of the Roblox Dragon series. The series is one of the first ever creator of Shyfoox or Shyfoox Studios. Everyone calls it as one of her best works, including her developers Lil Psych, Phini and Iiau.

Talking about the Roblox Dragon Life 4 and Roblox Dragon Life in general, the first part of the series was released on November 2018. Since the first time it released, it has gained around 31,140,000. It is such a huge amount and is the sign that a lot of people love the content. With the success of the first part, the other parts of the series such as Roblox Dragons Life 1, Roblox Dragons Life 2, and Roblox Dragons Life 3 also get the similar result. As for the Roblox Dragons Life 4, even it is still the beta version, a lot of people already love it by playing the game.

The whole Roblox Dragons Life series is similar and not that different. Basically, the main thing of the games is to train the dragon. Training the dragon means teaching the dragon to fly and to land. Those are two main activities that should be done. In order to make the dragon flies, you can focus on the Shift key and W. You can press the Shift key and W is to run forward and then you just like double tap spacebar and boulders. Please keep it for a second and then release it to fly and the dragon will fly. The instruction to make your dragon flies is just as simple as that.

In order to make your dragon land on somewhere, all that you have to do is to fly towards the direction of the surface or the item such as tree and then you just press space. It is as simple as the first method.

In conclusion, the Roblox Dragon Life 4 is still a beta version that lacks a lot. You can wait for the full version or try this version. If after trying the beta version you have some suggestions, please let the creator of the game knows. For further information of Roblox Dragons Life 4, please visit its official page on Wiki. For more update, please keep following the creator of the game.

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