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In Roblox audio library, we are able to find a lot of audio in a wide variety of genre. However, you have to know that those songs do not violate the copyright. If you cannot find the song that you want to use, you are able to upload it but once again you have to make sure that you do not violate the copyright when you upload the song.

What kind of song do you want to use and listen in Roblox? Well, some of you may like slow music, but some others like loud music that can make your ears explode. If we talk about music, of course we talk about the taste. Everyone will have different taste and it is fine. If you like listen to loud music, and then you want to listen it or use it in Roblox, it means that you need some reference of that kind of music, right? Congratulations because you come to the right site.

Here, we are going to inform you some music ID of ear exploder in Roblox Audio Library. What are they? Here they are.

  • New Super Ear Destroyers uploaded by Agent_3hree. The ID is 315260005.
  • Ear Exploder 9001 uploaded by hoodrich_Maike. The ID is 180736564.
  • We Are Number One. The ID is 569707122.
  • Screaming Kid. The ID is 382795033.
  • Loud Barbie Girl. The ID is 408931060.
  • Ears Not Found. The ID is 276516188.
  • Loud Lamby Lamby Dance. The ID is 360630607.
  • I Play Pokemon Go Everyday Loud. The ID is 481998828.
  • Loud Spear of Justice (Undertale). The ID is 459889314.
  • Loud Spongebob. The ID is 415903316.
  • Weird Jurassic Park. The ID is 261180562.
  • Most Annoying Sound in The World. The ID is 299166661.
  • Ear Cancer. The ID is 338005348.
  • Loud Hopes and Dreams (Undertale). The ID is 389992380.

You are able to use those songs as your background in your place. So, how to implement music? If you have never done it, you may not know how to do it. In the next paragraph, we explain about it.

If you want to add a music to your place, the first thing that you have to do is to find a music file. If you cannot find the music you want, you can upload it first. Then, you need to get the asset ID as we give to you in the list above. If you want to find it in URL, it is available at the end of the URL.

After that, open Roblox Studio and open a place. Now, in the Explorer window, you have to right click on Workspace and choose Insert Object. Now, choose Sound. In this step, you have to choose new sound in the tree hierarchy. Then, in the Properties window, for SoundId, you have to enter and also the asset ID. After that, insert a LocalScript into StarterGui and then open the script. Delete all existing lines and enter the code Workspace.Sound:Play(). At the end, publish the game to Roblox.

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