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Roblox emblem size is related to the logos or photos. For those the new users of Roblox who are confused about the Roblox emblem size or those who have been on this one of the biggest platforms to play games for a while but want to know more about the detail, here is the information for you.

For the profile and group photos, the recommended maximum is 200 for the width and 300 for the height. For the default, it is width 200 x height 200. As for the smallest resolution size, it is width 200 x height 1. Apparently, the resolution size mentioned above is based on pixels. It can be concluded that for the profile and group photos, the width is fixed at 200 pixels. As for the height, it can vary from the minimum 1 pixel to the maximum of 300 pixel.

Roblox Emblem
Once everything is perfect, then you can attach an image which is also more known as an emblem to a group. To do it, first, click Groups in the navigation bar which is located on the left of the screen. Second, find the group in question and click on it. third, click the Group Admin button which is located on the top right of the page. Fourth, click Group Info on the left. Fifth, click Choose File and locate and select the image you want to use. Sixth, click Open once the image is selected. Seventh, click the green Save button.

The Roblox emblem size for thumbnails is different compared to the one for profile and group photos. For your reference, here are some sizes of the thumbnail version. The first one is width 45 x height 45. The thumbnails can be found in chatter posts, chatter tab, and hover details. The second one is width 30 x height 30. The thumbnails can be found in chatter comments, followers section in he profile tab and feeds, following section in profile tab, groups section in profile tab, and recommendations in chatter tab. The third one is 16 width and 16 height. The thumbnail of the manager of the user indicated in the profile page of the user.

More about Roblox emblem size. According to the official website of Roblox, here are some image file restrictions that you should know. The first one is that it must meet Roblox Community Rules. The second one is the type of the file should be either jpg or png. The third one is the max size is 256 x 256. Actually, you can upload the larger one. In the end, the image will be rescaled to 256 x 256. In case the image is not square, it will be padded to make it a square.

if you have any questions related to Roblox emblem size, please contact the Roblox Support. There is a category called Your Avatar which is related to your issue. If it is not enough, you can send an email and explain what issue you are facing.

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