Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps

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When you access online gaming platform called Roblox, there you are going to find many games. Of course, it is free for you play what game you like. For this case, you are able to select the games as your favorite genre.

Now, we are going to tell some information about Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps. We are sure that once you are at this page, you are looking for information about Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps. Apparently, currently, there are many people who search the information about Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps. Based on that case, let us talking about that. We are sure that this information will give you benefit so that you can know some information regarding Entrepreneur Summer Camps.

If you search its information from your browser, then you are going to find some result related Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps. Now, you are able to select a result. There is a page which talk that Roblox partners with ID Tech Camps. Yeah, this is an important information that you have to know as a Roblox player. By partnering with iD Tech Camps, so Roblox is glad to introduce an all-new course designed to teach kids ages 10 – 12 essential coding, design skills and entrepreneurial. The course or Roblox Entrepreneur are code, create, and publish games. Those will be offered at iD Tech Camps across the United States and Hong Kong beginning in the summer of 2018.

For those who want to register your child, so you have to do some steps. Now, you are able to begin registering your child for the course by following the instructions below.

  • At the first step, you have to click find your preferred location for this course.
  • Then, you are able to scroll down until you see “Roblox Entrepreneur: Create, Code, and Publish Games” under the “Courses” column.
  • After that, you have to select one of the available weeks.

For note: Please select your preferred week from one of the available slots. Then, the price and availability depends on location chosen and may differ from what is shown above.

In this course, the students are going to learn how to create 3D worlds and code game mechanics by using Roblox Studio and the programming language Lua. Besides, they are going also be able to study games which have been runaway hits. Then, they are going to learn how to implement some of the same monetization strategies. Of course, the course will be a fun, immersive, and kid-friendly social gaming and learning experience. Therefore, as a Roblox player, you do not hesitate to register your child.

Roblox is not only a great place where you are able to play and hang out together. But Roblox is also a technology platform where the kids of all ages are able to learn entrepreneurial skills, coding, game design, physics principles, and more. With Roblox Entrepreneur Summer Camps, we are proud to inspire a new generation of innovators and creative thinkers by introducing young boys and girls for programming.

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