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As we know that on Roblox we not only can play the games of Roblox, but also create the games. We can do it by using Roblox Studio. In creating a game, of course we need colors for coloring the game. We need to create the appropriate colors to color it. In this case, we need learn more about color.

To get further information, we can get its information from the official website of Roblox, or we can also get the information by visiting the Roblox wikia site. Talk about color, here in this article we are going to talk about the Roblox fire colors. We think that it is very important also for you to know it.

The fire color is value type of color3. The property of color determines to the particle color that larger emit by a Fire object. This is essentially the color of the outer portion of the flame. In this case, you are able to see the Color of the flame is set to blue to differentiate with the smaller inner particles that have fire secondary color set to white. Generally, the cooler flames are on the outside of a fire color.

Therefore, the fire is going to looks more realistic if the outer portions are red or orange-yellow. The fire color which is bright all throughout does not look very realistic, so you have to avoid setting this property to yellow. In this case, you are able to try to add a PointLight with the PointLight/ color as a sibling to the Fire. This act is going to provide light to the surrounding environment. Then, it will make it feel more cohesive with the flame particles.

Actually, there are also code samples of lighting torches. These code samples add fire to all BasePart in the Workspace named “Torch”. If you want to know the code samples of lighting torches, we suggest you to go to the site of Roblox Developer. Then visit the page of color. There, you will find the information you need regarding the Roblox fire colors including the code samples of lighting torches. In this article, we will also share how to create realistic fire. If you want to know the method of create realistic fire, so you can see its method in the text below.


The first thing that you have to do to create realistic fire is you need to insert a brick. So, please insert a brick. After that, you have to go to ‘Tools’. The next step, you are able to click Insert >Object >Part. Then, you have to select the part. Please click Insert>Object>Fire. Now you own a brick with the fire color.

However, the fire of Roblox is already very convincing, but it does not have any smoke. To do this, you have to select the part and click Insert>Object>Smoke. Now, you have a brick with the fire color and smoke in it to make it look like a real fire.

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