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If you are one of fire fighter enthusiasts, now you are probably looking for items related to fire fighter in Roblox. By buying this item, you are able to wear it on your avatar’ head. Have you bought fire fighter pants and shirt? If not, you can buy these items as well.

If you have bought the fire fighter pants and shirt and now you are looking for fire fighter helmet, you can buy it in the Roblox catalog. There is Fire Fighter helmet which costs R$ 100. This item was published by Roblox and the genre of this item is Town and City. Until now, this item has been favorited 2,050 times and the ID of this item is 21719257. This helmet is red with an R of Roblox logo in front of it. The R logo in a white background and there is words “Fire” at the top of R logo and “Dept” under the R logo. Until now, this item is still available and you can buy it using your Robux.

Besides this, there is a Firefighter Helmet. It is an accessory in Roblox and it was published by Roblox on August 2nd, 2007. At that time, this item was available in the Catalog for 40 tickets and then 50 tickets. Until January 16, it has been favorited 11k times. Now, this item is not available anymore because it was available on August 2nd, 2007 until April 14th, 2016.

You can also find Firefighter Hat in Roblox catalog which was published on February 15th, 2013. Until February 13th, 2017 this item has been favorited 307 times. This item is categorized into Town and City genre and it is a part of the Firefighter Package. The Firefighter package costs R$ 150. This price includes a helmet, a shirt, pants, gloves, and shoes. Until now, this package has been favorited 217 times. The ID of the helmet is 106785816. However, you are not able to buy this alone. You have to buy this in a package.

If you need a model of Firefighter helmet, you can also find it. There is a Fire Fighter Helmet by officerbattle. This is a free model and the design is similar with the helmet of firefighter package which is grey color with “RBX CO 4016 RBFD” written in front of it. This item was updated on March 8th, 2013 and it has been favorited 6 times. The ID of this item is 108837639.

If you search fire fighter items in Roblox, you will get a lot of results. Some of them are Fire Fighter helmet for R$ 100, Fire Fighter Hazard Mask for R$ 50, Fire Extinguisher for R$ 100, Fire Breather for R$ 100, Breath of Fire for R$ 500 and many more. You are able to buy any items that you want. If you want your avatar look very gorgeous with fire fighter things, make sure that you mix and match the items well. Also, do not forget to check your Robux before you buy the items.

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