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Games of town and city genre can be found a lot in Roblox. Some of them are Mad City Pyramid Heist, Jailbreak Heli Bombs, Welcome to Bloxburg and many more. If you want to play town and city games about fire fighting, there is Fire Fighting Simulator.

Fire Fighting Simulator is a game which was created by Jester Studios on February 13th, 2018. When this article was being created, the last update was on March, 23rd, 2019. Maximum of 14 players can play this game in a server. The game has been visited more than 12 million times. Also, it has more than 177,000 favorites and more than 32,000 likes. In this game, you are able to cooperate with your friends or go solo to fight all kinds of fires. If you want to be the Ultimate Fire Fighting Hero, you are able to upgrade your tanks, hoses, and hydrants and buy vehicles.

In this game, there are game passes that you are able to buy including Golden Hydrant for R$ 250, x2 Reward for R$ 350, Earth Tank for R$ 500, Fire Breath for R$ 400, Speedy Shoes for R$ 50, Gold Car for R$ 500, Firetruck for R$ 350, Infinite Tank for R$ 900, Bicycle for R$ 80, Motorcycle for R$ 250, x2 Gems for R$ 300, Deluxe Snowball Launcher for R$ 900, and Snowball Launcher for R$ 400. Besides, you also have chance to gain badges such as Played Fire Fighting Simulator, Basic Fire, Red Fire, Blue Fire, Fire Fighting Simulator Alpha Tester, Purple Fire, Dark Fire, Rebirth, 3 Rebirths, 5 Rebirths, 10 Rebirths, 25 Rebirths, 100 Rebirths, Forest Fire, Spawn a Tsunami, Winter Fire and Complete Santa’s Quest.

Are you coming to this site to find Fire Fighting Simulator codes wiki? Congratulations, you come to the right place. There are active codes that you are able to redeem in the Fire Fighting Simulator games and here they are.

  • freehelmet1. It will give you crate.
  • freehelmet2. It will give you crate.
  • freehelmet3. It will give you crate.
  • ¬†Epic. It will give you crate.
  • Legend. It will give you crate.
  • ¬†Coinz. It will give you 2k.
  • BigCoin. It will give you 2k.
  • Soaker. It will give you Hose.
  • Llama. It will give you Tank.

Besides these codes, there are other codes but they has been expired. Those are:

  • Godly. It would give you crate.
  • ExtraCoins. It would give you unknown reward.
  • NeedCoins 5k + Bike. It would give you 5k + Bike.

You are able to try to redeem the codes above except the expired ones. To redeem the codes, you are able to click on the Codes button in the right side of the screen. The button is like twitter icon which is a blue bird. Then, you have to enter the codes and after that click on Submit. If you are successful, there will be “Success” word in the code box which inform you that you are successful in redeeming the codes.

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