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Roblox flat world seed has something to do with the smooth terrain. The term smooth terrain can be described as the useful feature of Roblox. This one will allow you to easily create the beautiful looking terrain. It is such a powerful tool that can greatly enhance the look of our game in order to make it really shine.

There are two places that you can find the tools that you need to work with smooth terrain. The first one is on the Home tab at the top of the studio. The second one is the Terrain tab that is specifically for terrain and this one also includes 1 extra tool that is invisible on the Home tab.

Every tool will have its own unique ,in menu that will show up in the upper left hand corner of your workspace where you can customize and tailor some tool properties to suit the building needs. The first one is generate tool or the terrain generator. You will have a lot of controls over the terrain that it generates. At the top side, you can set the map size in voxels. Those are the individual areas that are about 4x4x4 studs in size.

Under that thing, you can enter the seed for your generator. If you choose this box, it will generate caves and tunnels underground in your map. The last to options, which are called Biome Size and Biomes, work together. Right below Biomes, you can select and mix and match from the list of biomes that you can generate in your map. The kinds of biome are water, marsh, plains, hills, dunes, canyons, mountains, lavascape, and arctic. The main function of the Biome Size selector is no one that to select about how large the biomes will be.

Basically, if you want a lot of biomes close together you would select the smaller biome size than if you were trying to generate the large sprawling map. The second one is add tool. Add tool is the name of the tool that will allow you to quickly create the chunks of terrain. This one is so good for rough blocking the map and for creating vertical walls of terrain. You can set the size and the shape of your brush easily. Actually, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

The third one is subtract tool. This tool works the same as the add one. The only different is it is able to remove terrain instead of adding it. The fourth one is paint tool. With this tool, you can paint the certain terrain type over the other terrains without adding or removing any terrain. The fifth one is growl tool. This one is similar to the add tool but this one does not instantly add terrain. When you click this tool, it will grow the terrain instead. The sixth one is erode tool. This one works just like the grow one but in reverse. The seventh one is the smooth tool. This one will allow you to smooth out the uneven area of terrain.

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