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You may like playing Frappe games on Roblox which is one of the biggest and best virtual coffee. But, do you know that there is Frappe training? To be able to join the training, you need to know the training guide. What are they? Do not stop reading in this part.

The guide of Frappe training contains of information about the basic layout of how training sessions usually go and several general information about what you have to do as a trainer at training.

So, what are the rules of training

  • First, you need to know that grammar is needed at all times including inside and outside the training. If you fail to use right grammar, it will result in your failure as well.
  • Respect is important and it is needed at all times towards your trainer and fellow baristas. If you disrespected, you will not be tolerated.
  • You have to pay attention to your trainer for instructions during each section of the training. It is done to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. You do not wish to end up making silly mistakes, right?
  • Never give your order to your trainer until she/ he asks for it.
  • If you have passed, you have to wait on the lines quietly for your promotion. If you have been promoted, you will be dismissed unless told otherwise.
  • For trainees, you have to reach 6/10, 3 in drinks, 3 in trivia to pass. For Junior Baristas, you need to reach 8/10, 4 in drinks, 4 in trivia to pass. And for Baristas, you need 10/10, 5 in drinks, 5 in trivia.

You have to note that these are the scores needed for halves of the training. You will need to get a specific amount of points in every half so that you can pass. Every person can only get one promotion per training. You are not able to skip ahead of any ranks. For instance, if a trainee gets 6/10 at a session, they will still be ranked to junior barista and not senior barista.

The trivia consists of three questions which are unique that an it pertain to the group. You will be checking for the mistakes of grammar and you also have to make sure that they can respond to the questions correctly. How about troll simulation? It is a way of testing the ability of your group on how to deal with a troll at the cafe. You have to explain to your group what the troll simulation is and that they are to stop responding if the feel that they have properly handled the troll. Then, you will start to act like a troll and responding to your group in the ways a typical troll would. If everyone has done the simulation, you will tell them whether they did well or not and what each of them have to do to improve and give points to them who you feel handled you sufficiently.

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