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To make a game popular and being loved by a lot of people, there are some factors such as great concept, good colouring and some others. Choosing an icon for a game is also important. It will attract people to play the game.

Game icon is a square image which represent a game in places other than its details page. By default, an icon of a game will be cropped version of the standard thumbnail of the game. You are able to make your own icon with your image editor of choice and upload it free of charge. You are able to make a game icon for your game by using Paint.Net. You are able to find the tutorials of how making game icon by using Paint.Net in Youtube. Alternatively, you are able to follow these instructions to make a game icon for your game.

  • Download Paint.Net . This program is free to download.
  • Then, you are able to take a picture of your game by using Lightshot to take a screenshot. If you do not have this program, you can download it first. If you have another screenshot program, you can use it.
  • Now, go ahead and go to the Develop page in Roblox and edit the game that you want for the game icon.
  • If your game is loaded, then you must take the screenshot for your game icon. To get better screenshot, you need to close out Workspace, Properties, etc. To take a screenshot, you can hit “Prt Scn” (Windows) on your keyboard and if you are Mac users, you can press Command + Control + Shift + 3.
  • Then, you are able to Save it to your computer or copy it to the clipboard.
  • Next, open up Paint.Net to edit the game icon. Go to File and then choose New. Put the Width and Height to 512 pixels.
  • Now, make a new layer for he screenshot that you took. Click on “Keep canvas size”. Move it to the desired area that you want for your game icon to resize, you can hold Shift + Alt while you are dragging the corners.
  • If you have got the screenshot done, now you have to add the Text by clicking on the Text icon in the box with the tools. Select the font that you want for your game icon. If you want more fonts, there is a website of fonts named
  • If you got your font, go ahead and type whatever you want for the game icon and make sure the Text is on a new layer.While you are editing your text, you are able to change the color of it or make it gradient.
  • Then, make sure that you put the picture type as JPEG.
  • Now, close Paint.Net and then go back to Develop page on Roblox. Go to Configure the place you want for game icon and then go to the Game Icon tab on the left and click on Choose File and open your game icon . Upload the image. Now, your game icon is uploaded.

It is very easy to do. Make a great icon for your game so that you will get more visitors.

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