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Do you know what is a guest in Roblox? For you who are new in Roblox maybe you do not know about a guest in Roblox. We will inform you that the guest was a feature that was created for allowing the newcomers test Roblox before they make an official account of Roblox. This Roblox guest mode was introduced on September 26, 2008.

In this case, the guests were known as “The True Testers of Roblox” by the administrators. If you are a guest of Roblox and you hovers the mouse over a guest image once you see the game servers, so the name that will show as “A Friendly Guest”. This was changed to read “A Roblox Player” before the Roblox guest mode was removed. For your information, if you scrolled on a guest with a “666” number, so it is going to written “An Evil Guest”.

For you who joined a game while not logged into an account, so they will be labeled as a “Guest”. It means that it was possible to be a guest by using glitches or trustworthy unofficial extensions that allowed someone to play as a guest. Based on the research, in early November 2018, it was patched.

However, the guests cannot do many of the things on Roblox which add value for the developers and users including chatting, playing with friends, saving progress in games and buying items in the games. We get information that the guests in Roblox always get error code: 524 (Not authorized to join this game) once they trying to join a game. Roblox re-added guests by mistake on November 4, 2017. Then, this change lasted for a day before being reverted.

Maybe, you ever heard the noticed about the removal of Roblox Guest mode on Roblox. So, in this time, the users or any people cannot play the games of Roblox a guest on mobile or other platforms. By the way, what is your opinion about the removal of Roblox guest mode? Do you agree with this removal of Roblox guest mode. According to the research, the most people very agree with the removal of Roblox guest mode. It will prevent of anything which we do not want like hacking.

For this case, we are able to say that this is a very great change for the developers in removing this Roblox guest mode. By removing the Roblox guest mode, it also will the number of users which playing with registered accounts increase. As we said before that the guests cannot do many of the things on Roblox which add value for the developers and the users including:

1. Chatting.

2. Playing with friends.

3. Saving progress in games.

4. Purchasing items in the games.

5. Providing feedback on the games (Favorite, Liking, and Disliking).

By Requiring the users to sign-up before play the game, it will make sure that the new users have access to the full set of Roblox’s features and will help Roblox to retain those users longer.

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