Roblox How to Make a Gun

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On Roblox, you are able to learn about the scripting, building, and lots of fun. Now, in this article, we are going to discuss about how to make a Gun on Roblox. If you are looking for the information about the tutorial how to make a gun that works on Roblox, so you are able to follow this methods step by step in the text below.

  1. Please open Roblox Studio. Then, open a new place. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+N or go to File > New.
  2. To make your gun, you need to start making your model of your gun. Ensure about its large and big.
  3. Then, you have to name one part as “Handle” and one part as “Barrel”. The “Handle” is the part once a player touches it, so the player can use the gun. The “Barrel” is the part where the bullets come out.
  4. After you have given name the two parts, next please look at the top left of your screen and go to Insert > Object >Tool. This step will bring you to Workspace. You have to know that the Tool is the one responsible to make your gun on Roblox.
  5. Then, you are able to go to Free Models and insert the script called “Minimap Script”.
  6. The next step, you have to insert the script.
  7. Afterwards, please delete the Minimap Model found on your Workspace.
  8. If you have already done making changes, so you are able to exit from the script and Copy it. Please delete the script and then Paste. Wait a few seconds until a message will appear at the top of your screen.
  9. Now, you have to click onto your Minimap Model. Please open it and then you are able to see these names of the parts:

Roblox How to Make a Gun

  1. In the next step, you have to delete the unnecessary words found on the name of the part of your gun. For example: Workspace -> Part, so you have to delete Workspace -> so that the only one left is “Part”.
  2. After that, you are able to repeat this same as for “Handle” and “Barrel”.
  3. Then, you have to exit from your Model of your gun and drag the Minimap Model into Tool. After its inside the Tool, then please ungroup it.
  4. In this step, you have to insert the gun in your Workspace, and then open it, copy all of the scripts found in the Gun. Next please paste it into the Tool where you dragged in your Minimap Model.
  5. If you have already inserting, now time for you to test it.
  6. The next step, you have to go to Players > Backpack, and then please click the gun. Then you are able to equip it.
  7. There is going to be a property named “Appearance”. This acts as the Grip Position for your model. Get the right Grip Position!

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