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If you want to know the list of Roblox item leaks, you are able to go to the site where you can see Roblox leaked items for the Roblox catalog. The official site called RbxLeaks. It posts Roblox item leaks photos, ID, titles, and descriptions of items. There you are able to find lots of Roblox item leaks, then you can buy those Roblox item leaks.

Through that site, the players are able also to buy virtual items for their avatars or characters at a discounted price. Usually, Roblox releases new Roblox item leaks that can be limited edition items. As we know that the Roblox limited edition items very rare and can be resold for Robux after they go off sale. It means that the Roblox players can get profit of their items by reselling those items. Based on the research, there are many people who buy and sell the Roblox item leaks.

Now, you are able to visit the official website of RbxLeaks. If you visit that site, then you can see lot of Roblox item leaks. One you are at the page of dashboard, you can see some the latest Roblox item Leaks. If you go to browse, so you can search for an item that you want to find by typing the Roblox item leaks on the search bar. Well, here, in this article, we will share some item Leaks on Roblox Catalog Leaks.


1. Inflatable Swordpack

2. Tesla Coil Pauldrons

3. Balloon Backpack

4. Santa Tee Vee

5. Blue Sparkle Time Shutter shades

6. Dynamite Bandolier

7. Radioactive Beast Mode Bandana

8. NOOB Attack: Laser Scythe Scuffle

9. Bluesteel Mohawk

10. Baseball Ushanka

11. Snowflake Hair

12. Fiery Hair for Hot People

13. Onyx Immortal Sword

14. Blinged Gold Motorcycle

15. Ivory Immortal Sword

16. A Noob Is You

17. Animax Sword Limit Breaker

18. Blox Hunt Hider

19. Everyday I’m Shoveling

20. Infantry Helmet


1. Lightning Boxer Gloves

2. Snow Wolf Companion

3. Yeti Feet

4. Icicle Kunai

5. Winter Greatsword

6. Moose Mount

7. Nightmare Guitar

8. Inflatable Purple Saxophone

9. 2019 Spinning Noisemaker

10. Lightning Guard General sword

11. Twin Pistols

12. Nightmare Bow


1. Sparkle

2. Shock

3. Cry Baby

4. Poisonous Beast Mode

5. Snow queen

6. 8-Bit Heart Face

7. Purple So Super Stoked

8. Pink So Super Stoked

9. Blue So Super Stoked

10. Arachnid Queen

11. Fashion Face

12. Roblox City Man


1. Jazwares Jailbreak Jumpsuit

2. Mocap Climb

3. Mocap Jump

4. Mocap Fall

5. Mocap walk

6. Mocap swim

7. Haunted Armor

8. Dread Elder Warlock

9. Petrifying Pumpkin

10. Harvest Wizard

The text above are some lists of Roblox Item Leaks. Besides you can find the Roblox item leaks on the official website of RbxLeaks, you can also get the information about the Roblox item leaks from the official twitter @RBXLeaks. So, if you want to keep update the Roblox Item Leaks, you are able to follow @RBXLeaks.

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