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There are a lot of popular games on Roblox and one of them is Jailbreak. This game is awesome to play so that a lot of people like playing this game. In this game, there is Dune Buggy. If you have played this game and you have found Dune Buggy you may smile when you are reading this. But, if you have not found it yet, you will also smile because you will know where this vehicle is.

Before we inform you the location of Dune Buggy, it is better to know the information about this game first. Jailbreak is a game which was created by Badimo. This game was created on January 6th, 2017 and the last update of this game when this article was creating is on April 24th, 2019. This game can be filled with 26 maximum players in each server. Until now, this game has been visited more than 2 billion times! It is incredible, isn’t it? This game is Town and City genre so if you like or looking for an awesome town and city games, Jailbreak is recommended. Now, this game has more than 11 million favorites.

In Jailbreak, there is Dune Buggy? What is it? It is an off-road vehicle which has very high acceleration with a high top speed. It can handle quite strange but has a very good handling speed. It is like Dirtbike where it tends to slow down a gear and then shift back. It also has the similar engine sound as the Dirtbike. But for some reasons, it has no steering wheel but driving animations.

Do you know where the location of Dune Buggy in Jailbreak? You may come here because you do not know about the location of Dune Buggy. Well, you are able to find Dune Buggy near the Sand Dunes, on the other side of the Dirtbike. You are able to look for the large arch in the hillside, where this vehicle should spawn there. It competes with the Dirtbike and the ATV for being the fastest off-road vehicle in the game. For your information, Dune Buggy is challenging to discover since it only spawns in one specific location which is far away in one remote location.

In this Dune Buggy, there are two passengers seats, one at front, beside the driver seat and one behind the driver and front passenger seat. People who are in the passenger seats can fire guns at enemies and other vehicles. For your information, this Dune Buggy spawned at Train Station 2 during the 2018 Winter Update. However, it was soon reverted during a later patch. Handling this vehicle can be tricky at times with a level 5 engine. It is able to climb rolling hills, steep slopes, sand dunes, and other obstacles like tall slopes, fences and mountains. But, the engine power of the buggy sometimes is not strong enough to push the vehicle and the inclined terrain can get stuck between the front and back wheels.

Dune Buggy is the only one vehicle with the ability to drive over vehicles lower than the Dune Buggy. A player is able to drive over other vehicles like normal driving. Because of this, this vehicle can make a great gateway vehicle from enemies.

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