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Roblox Jailbreak SWAT pack consists of Handcuffs, Taser, Riot Shield, Keycard, Flashlight, Binoculars, Donut, Gilder, and Heist Bag. In order to know each of the item on the pack, please keep reading the entire article until the end.

Handcuffs is known as the item in Roblox Jailbreak. This one is used to arrest the guilty prisoners or criminals breaking the law. Each of Handcuff is immediately put into the inventory of the police officer when they spawn in the game, along with the Pistol and the Taser. By arresting them, the hands will be forced behind their backs and will not be able to move except jumping. Aside from that, they will be teleported them to the cell in the Prison sand have the 20 second punishment time.

The Taser can be described as the non lethal weapon. This one can hold the electrical charge, which if it hits, paralyzes the hostile Prisoner or Criminal for 7 seconds. Sometimes, it varies due to lag on some servers. However, the reload time is rather long (about 4 seconds). The accuracy of it is top tier, making up for the lengthy reload time. When spawning as the police officer, this one will automatically be in the third slot of your inventory, even though it can be charged through the hotbar re-ordering.

The Riot Shield, which is also more known as the SWAT Shield and Police shield, is the name of the item in Roblox Jailbreak. This one is the only one that can protect you from the damage and is only obtainable if you have the SWAT Gamepass. In fact, it does not have much use, except for providing protection against the weapons and criminals shooting you.

However, this Riot Shield will only protect the player by 60% and this still comes at the costs of the 25% reduced speed while holding it. This item called Riot Shield is not recommended to use when you are pursuing a solo target, but it is able to prove the guilty useful when engaging multiple targets firing at you. Aside from that, this one is also can be convenient for busting armed bank robbers, as the shield will allow you to get through the lasers to the vault without dying are firing at you.

The Flashlight can be defined as the item found at the Police Station 1 and Police Station 2 on the armory wall. Beside, this one also can be found by the radio tower near the ladder and in the Military Base war room. This item emits the fairly bright light and is relatively not very helpful unless in the very dark space. In order to use it, you can left click it while it is in your inventory and left click again to turn it off. Apparently, this one can be used by any team.

The Binoculars are the name of the items that was added in the 2/4/2018 Update. This one can be used by both teams in Roblox Jailbreak. However, they have been broken since the weapons and items update.

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