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A lot of games that you are able to play in Roblox. One of the game that is recommended to play is Mining Simulator. Have you played this game? In this game, you will need codes and then redeem it to get any items. There are some legendary codes that you are able to redeem to get any items. What are they?

Before we talk about legendary codes, let’s talk about the game first. Mining Simulator is a game in Roblox which was created by Rumble Studios. This game was created on February 10th, 2018 and each server can be filled with 10 maximum players. Now, this game has been visited more than 430 million times with more than 2.6 million favorites and more than 733,000 likes.

In this game, you are able to team up with your friends to mine. Or, you can also go on a solo mining expedition to find rare gems and then become rich. If you mine for gold and other rare materials, you are able to sell it for coins and then use the money to upgrade supplies or buy cosmetics and other things. When you play this game, you will begin with a default pickaxe which is a Wooden Pickaxe and also a backpack.

As we said earlier that in this game, there are legendary codes that you are able to redeem to get any items. Codes are words or phrases which are specific and those can be redeemed for rewards. Usually, the codes can be found on the twitter of Isaac, the Rumble Studios Discord or in advertisements on the website of Roblox. So, it is better for you to follow the twitter account, check the discord so that you will not miss any codes.

Here are the legendary codes that you can try to redeem.

Codes Reward
100Million Legendary Crate
Rebirths Legendary Egg
Grind Legendary Crate
Gamer Legendary Hat Crate
DiggingDeep Legendary Hat Crate
SecretEgg Legendary Egg
Level Legendary Crate
Bonus Legendary Hat Crate
ILOVECODES Legendary Hat Crate
SuperSecretCode Legendary Egg
LegendaryEggCode Legendary Egg
LegendaryHatCode Legendary Hat Crate
Patriotic Stars Legendary Egg
Patriot Legendary Hat Crate
CoolWater Legendary Egg
Lemonaide Legendary Crate
Vacation Legendary Hat Crate
BaconHair Legendary Egg
Scorch Legendary Hat Crate
Skies Legendary Egg
Fluffy Legendary Crate
Dreamy Legendary Hat Crate
BeachBall Legendary Egg
Sunscreen Legendary Hat Crate
Sandy Legendary Crate
Light Legendary Egg
Adventure Legendary Hat Crate
Rainbowite Legendary Egg
MineAlot Legendary Hat Crate
Valkyrie Legendary Egg
Duckie Legendary Hat Crate
Memes Legendary Egg
Yeet Legendary Hat Crate
BigL Legendary Egg
BigW Legendary Hat Crate
FollowUs Legendary Egg
SubscribePls Legendary Hat Crate
Duck Legendary Egg
Goose Legendary Hat Crate
Pumpkin Legendary Egg
TrickOrTreat Legendary Hat Crate
JackOLantern Legendary Egg
Witches Legendary Hat Crate
Pumpkins Legendary Egg
Scary Legendary Hat Crate
Fright Legendary Hat Crate
TooManyCodes Smh Legendary Egg
HelpPls Legendary Hat Crate
Awesome Legendary Legendary Egg
SuperCrate Legendary Hat Crate
AnniversaryEgg Legendary Egg
AnniversaryCrate Legendary Hat Crate

How to redeem the code? It is very easy. You just need to click the button that is located on the left side of the screen labeled Codes with a Twitter icon and then input the code into the text box that comes up. After that, press Enter button to confirm.

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