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The most of people think that the existence of music in game is very important. It is going to give the mood and atmosphere in the game that we play. For example, if we create a horror game, so the music that we will use is a creepy music so that the players can feel the horror as well.

However, if we use another audio, the people may think that we are not normal and the horror atmosphere of the game will not be felt deeply. Talking about music, you are going to find lots of music genre in Roblox audio library. Either from slow to loud, or loud to slow. There are available in Roblox audio library. In this case, we are going to inform you that there are many Roblox most annoying sound ID that you can use or listen while you are playing th egame of Roblox.

By the way, do you like those kind of music? If so, in the text below, you are able to see some list of Roblox most annoying sound IDs.
1. Loud Screaming Guy: Roblox ID (399552982)
2. Loud Screaming Girl: Roblox ID (296270144)
3. Trollolololol: Roblox ID (257373516)
4. Worlds Loudest Violin: Roblox ID (285334243)
5. Really Loud Beeping Noise: Roblox ID (277939476)
6. Alarm Clock Noise: Roblox ID (302865611)
7. Fire truck Sound: Roblox ID (478301452)
8. Mlg: Roblox ID (263941186)
9. Narwhals: Roblox ID (150423096)
10. You are a Pirate: Roblox ID (130774314)
11. Haha remix: Roblox ID (138093488)
12. Fart: Roblox ID (154967038)
13. Nails on a cchalkboard: Roblox ID (265118938)
14. I play Pokemon Go everyday: Roblox ID (506212392)
15. Bill Dyanke Science Guy: Rblox ID (318733059)
16. Raging Kid – Screaming: Roblox ID (382795033)
17. Indian Song remix: Roblox ID (257287435)
18. Final Ear loud: Roblox ID (390040605)
19. Wuzhan Annnoying (Loud): Roblox ID (438715067)
20. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Loud): Roblox ID (383645537)

Well, the texts above are some list of Roblox most annoying sound IDs. In this time, you can use those songs as your background place or sound effect freely. Before you use those songs, it will be better for you to preview the song first. To do it, you can click on the Play button which is located in the lower right corner of the Sound item. If you are sure the song is what you want to listen, so you can continue to use that.

By the way, how do you do if you do not find the music you want to use in Roblox Audio Library? If so, it means that you need to upload that music into Roblox Audio Library. To do it, please login to your Roblox account first. Afterwards, you must click on “Create”. Then, click on Audio and Browse. Now, please, select a music file you want to upload. If you have already chosen, then click on Estimate Price to know the Robux cost of your upload. Next, click on Purchase. Usually, every upload will require different cost and it depends on the length of the audio you upload.

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