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If you will play the game of Roblox Notoriety, of course you want to be the winner of the game where you are able to get money as many as. In playing the game, you need to learn more about how to hostage or how to stealth heist.

When you come to this page, you may looking for information regarding a way to hostage in the game of Roblox Notoriety. It need a skill to hostage the enemies. As we know that in Notoriety, there are many types of enemies such as the guards, elves, Club thugs, warehouse guards, bank guards, Casino security, Thugs, military guards, Mall Guards, Police Officers, technician, Taser Operators, Battle Medics, and many more.

If you want to know how to hostage in Roblox Notoriety, first you are able to watch a video entitled ” Roblox Notoriety Take All Hostages” that was published by Gamejumpers Aman on September 12, 2017. Until now, that video has been watching by 1,286 viewers. On that video, the publisher show about a way to hostage in Roblox Notoriety. In this case, you are able to watch that video before you continue read this article.

When you are going to hostage, make sure that you have some good strategy to hostage. For example, if you are at the R&B Bank heist, you have to do some steps to hostage until you can get escape. Here, in the following text, we are going to share some steps to hostage and do stealing at the R&B Bank heists. at the first step, you need to put mask on. After that, you need to get the Keycard. In this step, we recommend you to use chameleon Aced (Ghost). It is because instantly you can pick it up without you are putting on your mask.

The next step, you have to go to the security room. This time for you to hostage the security of R&B Bank. When you are going to hostage the security of R&B Bank, you have to remember that this alerts the guard instantly. Then, you are able to turn off the cameras by killing the camera guard. The next step, you have to hostage everyone. In this case, if you are doing it only by yourself, so you should kill everyone because it will saves a lot of time.

Afterwards, you are able to kill the bag guards. Or you are able also hostage them with a skill named “Halt”. Then, you are able to go to the vault. Please drill and wait for a long time about five to six minutes. Now, you are able to get the loot. To open all the deposit trays and possibly get more bags, so you are able to use the saw. Finally, you are able to escape or if you want you can grab loose cash.

The text above is an example for you to hostage until you can steal. We are able to say that to stealth, you have to make sure that you evade being spotted by the guards, cameras, or the civilians. Things like broken glass, body bags, the sound of glass breaking, broken cameras are able to alert the civilians.

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