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In Roblox, there is a game named Notoriety that was created by Brick_man on January 29, 2010. By the way, do you ever play the game of Roblox Notoriety? If you never play the game and want to try play it, so you need to learn its game first.

Now, we are going to tell a guide of Notoriety stealth heist. How to stealth heist in the game of Roblox Notoriety? You have to know that to stealth, you need to evade being spotted by the cameras, guards or the civilians. Things like broken glass, body bags, the sound of glass breaking, broken cameras can alert the civilians. In this case, you have to either take them as the hostage or kill them. Even though you will take risk the cleaner cost which comes with them.

The Guards is able to be killed in stealth. If you decide to kill a guard, so you need to ensure to answer the pager. Remember that you can only answer the pager four times before the operator is not convinced, calling the police. Then, if the player fails to answer the pager in time or hangs up in the process without the proper skill, so it will make the police being called upon.

For your information, the Pagers are not included for the guards for the shift guards like thugs in the Night club, even though their corpse are going to still pose a threat to the stealth operations, therefore you have to make sure that their bag up and move it away to prevent them being seen by anyone.

If you have purchased the Grenade gamepass, firing any unsuppressed weapons and throwing the grenades will alert everyone in the map immediately. Therefore it is advised that the players to equip a suppressed weapon to prevent being alerted once killing. You have to remember that Minigun, the BRK9000 SAW, and RPG cannot be suppressed. Then, those are bad weapons to use on a dodge build.

Once you are doing stealth heist, it is very important for you to disable cameras. It aims to lowers your chance of getting caught during a stealth heist. You have to know that in several maps, you are able to open a box and disable the cameras. Usually, in other maps have a camera operator that located in the camera room. If you want to get into a camera room, you need to locate a key card which can be found in different places around maps or with the guards). Then, you need to insert it into the slot in front of the camera room. It will give you access to the camera room. You are able to kill or hostage the guard once you get inside.

For your information, detection levels is very essential to any stealth. It will be wise to lower your detection level to be as low as possible. Then, ECM Jammers are stealth player’s best friend. It is because they will jam Pagers and Cellphones to stall the calling for police for a short time with proper skills, giving time for you to react.

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