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Roblox Part API is known as the physical object. When this one is in the Workspace, it will move and interact with the other Parts. It is able to have the bonds formed with the other Parts, so that the two Parts stay in the same relative position.

Roblox Part API is the basic building blocks of any Roblox place. Generally known as bricks, you will be able to see those the most often of any other objects as almost every place is built out of those. There is the possibility to stretch a Part to very large sizes and use them for baseplates, or make them very small and use then to create cool looking Tool.

Hos can you edit a Roblox Part API? Roblox Part API can be edited using the various studio tools. This one is available via either the insert menu or the Object Insert menu. Aside from that, it also can be created using the function: (“Part”).

How do you create the different shaped Parts? By using the Mesh objects such as SpecialMesh, BlockMesh or CylinderMesh objects, you are able to change the shape of them. By using the Decal or Texture objects, you are able to place pictures on top of the bricks.

The good news is that there are many scripting opportunities using the Part object. A lot of the other scripting objects like BodyForce objects operate inside of the Part or the other physics based objects. Editing the properties of the Part through the script can result in a lot of fun opportunities.

There are properties, functions, and events of Roblox Part API. The properties include Shape, CastShadow, BackParamA, CollisionGroupId, BottomParamA, Position, CenterOfMass, RotVelocity, Reflectance, Locked, RootPriority, Anchored, Massless, LocalTransparencyModifier, Transparency, CustomPhysicalProperties, BackParamB, BackSurfaceInput, BottomParamB, FrontParamA, FrontParamB, LeftParamA, LeftParamB, RightParamA, RightParamB, TopParamA, TopParamB, Velocity, TopSurfaceInput, TopSurface, Size, rotation, RightSurfaceInput, RightSurface, ResizeableFaces, ResizeIncrement, ReceiveAge, Orientation, Material, LeftSurfaceInput, LeftSurface, FrontSurfaceInput, Frontsurface, Color, CanCollide, Cframe, BrickColor, BottomSurfaceInput, BottomSurface, BackSurface, DataCost, Parent, RobloxLocked, ClassName, Name, and Archivable.

For the function, there are SubtractAsync (Objects parts, CollisionFidelity collisionfidelity, RenderFidelity renderfidelity), UnionAsync (Objects parts, CollisionFidelity collisionfidelity, RenderFidelity renderfidelity), GetJoints (), IsGrounded (), CanCollideWith (Instance part), SetNetworkOwnershipAuto (), GetNetworkOwner (), GetNetworkOwnershipAuto (), BreakJoints (), GetConnectedParts (bool recursive), Resize (NormalId normalId, int deltaAmount), MakeJoints (), GetMass (), CanSetNetworkOwnership (), GetTouchingParts (), SetNetworkOwner (), GetRootPart (), FindFirstChild (), GetDescendants (), GetChildren (), Destroy (), GetPropertyChangedSignal (string property), GetFullName (), FindFirstChildWhichIsA (string className, bool recursive), IsAncestorOf (Instance descendant), IsDescendantOf (Instance Ancestor), FindFirstChildOfClass (string className), FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA (string className), FindFirstAncestorClass (string className), FindFirstAncestor (string name), IsA ((string className), WaitForChild (string childName, double timeOut), GetDebugId (int scopeLength), Clone (), and ClearAllChildren ().

For the events, there are TouchEnded (Instance otherPart), Touched (Instance otherPart), DescendantRemoving (Instance descendant), AncestryChanged (Instance child, Instance parent), ChildAdded (Instance child), ChildRemoved (Instance child), DescendantAdded (Instance descendant), and Changed (string property).

For further information about Roblox Part API, it is better for you to visit the official website of Roblox Developer. Aside from that, you can look for the information about it on Wiki.

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